Natural penis enlargement

Enlargement of the penis

The term natural penis enlargement generally refers to methods that attempt to enlarge the male penis in a non-surgical manner. Nowadays, surgical methods are mostly based on the basic idea of introducing new cell material into the penis, or to achieve enlargement by cutting the retaining ligaments of the penis shaft and then realigning them. In addition to the introduction of new cell material, many natural methods also follow the approach of the body's own cell regeneration.

Methods of natural penis enlargement

The most widely known methods for natural penis enlargement are so-called penis stretchers/extenders (stretching systems) - such as PHALLOSAN, for example. By exerting a continuous pull on the penis, a process of new cell formation within the erectile tissue is stimulated. The penis pumps (vacuum pumps), which are also very widely used, follow a similar approach, but in this case by creating a vacuum.

The second large group are the so-called Jelqing instructions. They are an integral part of the methods for penis enlargement in a natural way. Special massages and exercises are used to stimulate the growth of the erectile tissue. However, the effect of these methods is still highly controversial in practice.

Pills and ointments are almost always offered under the slogan of natural penis enlargement. However, health risks and side effects that cannot be assessed should always be considered.

Penis enlargement the natural way - with the PHALLOSAN system

Our PHALLOSAN penis extender uses the natural principle of cell regeneration to enlarge and lengthen the penis - without the risks and side effects of pills, ointments or vacuum pumps.