Penis curvature

No man's penis is completely straight. In principle, this is not a bad thing. A curvature of the penis, or penile deviation, can exist from birth or be the result of an injury. And it can lead to painful erections. Men with a curvature are often inhibited and restrict their sex life. Why not do something about it naturally?

Cause of a curved penis

A congenital curvature of the penis develops in the womb. The tissue can develop asymmetrically, mainly for hormonal reasons, and the three erectile tissue of the penis can be unequal in size. Sometimes there is also a shortened urethra, known as urethral hypoplasia. Congenital penile deviation does not change in adult men.

What you can do about it

Surgery is usually only considered if those affected suffer from pain or significant restrictions during intercourse. Correction for cosmetic reasons is generally not recommended, as there is a high risk of damaging important structures for the special functions of the penis.

In addition, cosmetic surgery can usually only adapt the longer erectile tissue to the shorter one - you have to accept that the penis will be a few centimetres shorter. It is not uncommon for the penis to be less attractive after the operation.

Treatment with PHALLOSAN forte is therefore a real alternative to surgical methods of penis straightening: The constant traction can eliminate or at least improve a curvature without loss of length, as the penis as a whole is straightened by the pulling action on the glans. It does not matter in which direction the deviation points.

PHALLOSAN forte has helped many men with penile curvature. Restrictions and existing inhibitions have been eliminated and sex life has been revitalised.

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