The clinical study on the efficacy of PHALLOSAN forte

Clinical study
Dr. Clemens Tilke

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Clinical study (PDF)

Conducted at the Urology Clinic at St Mark's Hospital in Frankfurt am Main, the results were impressive. 24 male volunteers, aged between 20 and 68, wore PHALLOSAN forte for six months. Here are the highlights of the study:

Results of the PHALLOSAN forte study:

Penis enlargement: On average, an increase of up to 4.9 cm was achieved.

Satisfaction: Over 90% of the test subjects were extremely satisfied with the results.

Functional principle and inspiration:

The functional principle of PHALLOSAN forte, based on controlled stretching and traction, is by no means new. It was inspired by various medical disciplines, including orthopaedics and cosmetic surgery. The idea of stimulating tissue through targeted stretching can also be found in the traditional practices of various indigenous peoples.

Study details:

Number of participants: 24 test subjects aged between 20 and 68 years.

Study programme: PHALLOSAN forte was worn six days a week for six months, with an average wearing time of 6 hours per day.

Results: Penile length in erect and non-erect state as well as penile girth were measured. Influences examined included erectile behaviour, duration, hardness, penile sensitivity, sexual desire and more.

Result* After 3 months* After 6 months*
Length increase at rest 3,5cm (1,38") 4,9cm (1,93")
Length increase erect 3,8cm (1,5") 4,8cm (1,89")
Increase circum­ference 2,5cm (0,98") 2,5cm (0,98")

* The results are peak values. The penis enlargement or enlargement is permanent. A longer period of use can potentially achieve even better results. In addition to the regularity and duration of use of PHALLOSAN forte, the individual facilities also play a role. Accordingly, the results vary from user to user and cannot be guaranteed.

Diverse positive effects:

In addition to significant penis enlargement, the test subjects showed other positive effects:

  • No pain: All test subjects confirmed that wearing PHALLOSAN forte was pain-free.
  • Increased sensitivity: 41.7% reported increased sensitivity.
  • Erection improvement: 50% noticed harder erections, and 54.2% saw an improvement in erection behaviour.
  • Libido enhancement: 45.8% reported experiencing an increased libido.

Special cases:

  • One patient with penile deviation reduced the angle of curvature from 60 degrees to 40 degrees.
  • Over 91.7% of the test subjects were extremely satisfied with the results.

This study not only emphasises the significant penis enlargement achieved by PHALLOSAN forte, but also the positive effects on the general sexual health and satisfaction of the users.