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Been wearing Phallosan forte for 360 hours so far! Writing this to keep track of my progress. So far I have gained .5 inches on Erect length! And girth hasn’t changed. But so far happy with my gains!
December 19th, 2023 - US/CA

I have Peyronie's and a severe fibrous knot under the head of my penis that is painful whenever I have an erection and during sex of any kind. I had previously used vacuum devices and even got a PRP shot to help this condition, which both did temporarily. This system is even better and I could feel immediate relief. I will follow the protocol and hopefully this will resolve it further. As a bonus after 6 weeks I have also seen a solid 1/2" improvement on flaccid and erect length! I was previously 8 and 1/8" erect and now I am almost 8 and 3/4" erect and visibly thicker and more noticeably veinous and stiffer..... cant wait to see what 6 months does! It's awesome to hear my wife say "not so deep" and I have to be careful to do so. She has started gripping the base of my erection when we have sex in certain positions so it cant got too deep. What a confidence boost!
January 8th, 2024 - USA/ Georgia

Been wearing Phallosan forte for 360 hours so far! Writing this to keep track of my progress. So far I have gained .5 inches on Erect length! And girth hasn’t changed. But so far happy with my gains!
December 19th, 2023 - US/CA

Phallosan forte needs to add the following items to keep up with my growth since starting in August 2020. I am outgrowing many of the products (mostly in the girth area). 1) PLUS+: A larger base unit for PLUS+ is sorely needed now. I could use the current base earlier but now that my shaft has gotten larger it is severely chaffing me unless I shave before trying to get it on. I also resorted to using a small bit of lubricant to allow it to slip onto the shaft. A real pain. Now it is certainly uncomfortable and I have curtailed its usage sadly. When, and if, PF makes a wider PLUS+ base unit, I will go back to that as it is seemingly making length improvements beyond the standard belt unit. 2) Silicone rubber protector caps: These current ones sold by PF are unworkable for someone like me using the XL suction bell and large sleeve. They are too small and there needs to be a larger one for my size. Why can't there be two sizes? Large and small? I understand that everyone has different endowments, but it seems that just like the standard PF kit which includes small, medium and large sleeves, there should also be the same for the protector caps. Yes, or no? 3) I have only been using the protector caps with the ends cut off to act as gaskets to assure that I do not lose suction pressure on the large sleeve I am using. I am a person who has a wide variation in girth and length between flaccid and erect and therefore, I many times early on lost suction before I improvised and started using the protector caps this way. Why doesn't PF offer these this way? Just some suggestions. I hope these are passed on.... >From Arizona
December 19th, 2023 - USA Arizona

been using the device for a little over 2 1/2 months and the crazy thing is iamb celibate, so it’s hard for me to gauge because I don’t have full erections, but even off of a 80% chub I noticed it is much more girthy than before. Definitely a quality product. I wore it for 10 hours a day 40 hours a week for the first two months I’m gonna keep wearing this thing for the next year at least. I mainly got it to keep my penis somewhat in shape because I am practicing celibacy, and when I do get married and start having sex again and I don’t want to be a huge failure for those first couple of times we all know that when we stop having sex, we can lose size. So I got it is mainly a way of preventing loss of size and to see if he could actually do what it said it could do. Good luck to all of you.
October, 20th, 2023 - california

The most profitable purchase I have ever made in my life, highly persistence, is the name of the game. crazy results run to buy
October, 10th, 2023 - Israel

Hello all, I am the Scottish/Scandinavian living in Arizona. Yes I am back. I have been using the PF system and PLUS+ since August 2020. I took some time off for 6 months in 2022. I started at 5.5" when I started. Now, I am at 7.5" and wanting to get to 8". I now use the PF app and it is helping me. My wife still does not know I use the system (how could she not know?) But she is beginning to suspect something because she makes different squeaks and noises when we make love ) I am much bigger in girth and length). But that aside, I have several things that I do to make the PF system work better for me. I have posted several of those in detail on the past 3 years and the kind PF editor can give you the dates for those posts (Editor: Refers to posts 11/01/2022, 11/13/2021, 10/14/2021, 07/10/2021, 06/23/2021). I started with the medium bell and have graduated through the large bell now up to the XL bell with large sleeve. Yes, wow! I am impressed. Here is a summary of those posts: 1) I use the protector caps with the end cut off to form a gasket to keep the air pressure constant whilst using the suction bell. Sometimes I wear them on the inside and outside the sleeve. Depends on the size sleeve. (see separate post on that) 2) I still use electrical tape around the bulge on the sleeve to keep my pants (trousers) from wearing a hole in the bulge and releasing suction. I wear Cactus trousers from New Zealand and they are abrasive. (see separate post on that) 3) I always use the tension clip a certain way so it does not come dislodged (see separate post on that) 4) I used to take the sleeve off every time I needed to urinate and that was a total inconvenience and I hated that I needed to do that. It would lead to failure of the suction sleeve early on. Expensive. Needed replacement sleeves all the time. Now I never take it off for up to 12 or 13 hours! I will let you figure out how I do that BUT it is clean and sanitary and much more convenient. I teach up on mountains and I still have a way to do this with clean water and a clean cup. I do no feel that telling all of you how I accomplish this would is going to be published here. So, figure it out. I put the sleeve on in the morning one time and take it off after 12+ hours wearing it! ONE TIME! That is my key to success. I wish you all great success! I am extremely happy with this penis enlargement system. Reed from the Highlands of Arizona
October, 4th, 2023 - USA/Arizona

I gave my 1st review about a month ago when I had just hit 100 hours I am now at 235 hours and have since ordered the Phallosan Forte Plus… to start off, the customer service was extremely accommodating with my order and I received it within 2 days.. what I do with the Plus is I flip it upwards along my bellybutton and put my boxers over it.. I notice as well that with the Plus I get a WAY longer stretch then with the regular Phallosan. The only downside I would say for the Plus is that the base starts to pain after prolonged use (3-4 hours) because of the intense pressure that the rods assert.. overall, I have found that the pain is worth it because I have seen super fast results with the Plus and have committed myself to the process (.2 inch in 7 days) I have made this device my best friend and I wear it for 9-12 hours every day along with the regular Phallosan.. I am super motivated and can’t wait to keep going and hit my 500 hr mark.. If you do decide to get this, remember: IT TAKES PERSISTENCE AND DEDICATION… if you don’t commit 120% don’t buy it! It won’t work unless YOU DO!
September, 10th, 2023 - United States

I have had Phallosan for 14 days and put in just over 100+ hours. I do about 6 hours of the regular forte and then 3 hours of forte plus. I’ve worn at night and during the day. I do not wear forte plus at night as it would be uncomfortable. I get about 4-6 hours of real good sleep with it on, but the last few hours (1-2) are harder and lest peaceful. I have found by that time the device is uncomfortable and I need a break. I’ll wake up and take it off then pee and go back to sleep. During the day I have worn the forte out and about and it’s comfortable. I know I have only done 2 weeks, but my gains are noticeable. I started with wearing (by cramming my head into) the small cap as it gave me a better suction. After a few days I couldn’t squeeze in anymore. Now I wear the medium. I am almost to the point where my head cannot fit into the medium. I will have to move to the large within the next two weeks. I use the size down sleeve to get best suction. When I go to the large I’ll use the medium sleeves. Funny enough I was thinking I’m crazy when I saw that my head is getting tighter in the medium cup. My wife this morning after sex commented on it and said I felt harder, fatter, and a little longer. She told me she isn’t concerned with length. She likes girth. She said anything past 6.5-7 inches hurts and is not fun anymore, plus it misses her g spot. I have slight ED because I’m over weight. I started at 330lbs a month ago (prior to phallosan) and now am 290 lbs. I have found that loosing weight is slightly helping. The thing is, my erections are harder and I am starting to get them in my sleep and morning again. Phallosan has already helped with that. Just that alone is so worth it. I haven’t measured yet, but just by visual appearance and comments by my wife … GET THIS. I promise I am a real dude, just like you wondering if it’s worth it. It is. It’s slow, may take a lot of patience and work, but so worth it. I’ll measure when I hit 1 month and snout 200-250 hours in! . I’ll post again at 3 months. For now, my current size is 5” erect length. I used to be 6”, but weight gain and ED and babies/less sex have caused me to loose 1”. Also I use the app. So helpful. Get it. I wish I could put my number here and say call me. I won’t give any tips on use, as all of mine are from previous posters. Struggling to use it read their comments below. They helped tremendously. I also have the B***/h*** pump coming today so I can start pumping too. We’ll … see you in 2.5 months. We got this!
August, 16th, 2023 - United States/Nevada

This thing works great. If you want to speed things up, get a PRP injection while using this. I've seen over an 1 1/4 inches in length and over a 1/2 inches girth in a little over a month wearing the Forte about 8 hrs a day. I've have to wait another month and I'm going back for a second PRP injections. I'll report back with updated numbers, but I'm expecting to break some records based on the Phallosan Study numbers. Wish me luck.
August, 16th, 2023 - USA

I wanted to wait till I hit 100 hours to give an honest review so here it goes: When I received the phallosan it was fairly easy to put together in setup, i skipped the reading manual and just watched the tutorials online which helped tremendously and saved time. At first it’s a bit awkward to wear but you definitely get used to it after a while. Being uncircumcised, I found the protector cap to be a pain in the a** to put on so since day 1 I decided against it - works just as fine (for shorter wearing time).. at first I used the medium bell / medium condum sleeve but after a few days the sleeve stretched and was too loose for me (would create air bubbles) so I kept using the Medium bell but attached the small condum sleeve instead - works perfect now.. I would definitely recommend using the baby powder as previous reviews suggest as well as Aquaphor on the frenulum before use.. after experimenting with it while sleeping (5-7 hours) I found that when I take it off in the morning my foreskin was always swollen and puffed up. It would only take an hour to come back to normal but it felt uncomfortable so now I do my daily 8-12 hours in increments of 4 hours depending on my schedule.. I’m sure if you’re uncircumcised you won’t experience this problem. This device truly works but you HAVE TO be consistent with it.. every time I take it off my penis looks automatically longer and my erections are rock hard.. another suggestion I would say is to drastically limit masterbating / p*rn usage because your T-levels drop and you don’t circulate as much blood down there.. if you’re active a lot in the bedroom I would maybe also look into supplements that can help blood flow… Customer service is also super fast and answered all my questions when I first began my journey. Overall I’m happy with my purchase and can’t wait to see my gains after another 100 hrs +
August, 8th, 2023 - United States