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Dear PHALLOSAN customers and interested parties, We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about PHALLOSAN forte and would like to ensure that you receive the best possible information. To make it easier for you to access the most frequently asked questions, we have compiled an overview. This contains answers to topics relating to the purchase and use of PHALLOSAN forte.

For further support, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. You are also welcome to visit our page with instruction videos at https://www.phallosan.info/videos.php for practical tips. For detailed instructions for use and information on possible risks and side effects, please visit our corresponding page.

If you can't find the right answer on your journey of discovery, please don't hesitate to contact our support team using our online chat or the contact details provided. We are here to help you!


Tel. +423 235 84 77
(Liechtenstein, Mo-Fr 3:30am-6am / 7:30am-10:00am EST)

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As a rule, we receive feedback from credit card companies very quickly if something does not work with our payment system. We therefore ask you to first check with your credit card company whether everything is OK with your card and whether it is authorised for online purchases. You may also want to consider using another payment method such as PayPal or Money transfer.
If there are repeated problems with your card, you are welcome to contact our hotline. Please be sure to include the card issuer to make it easier for us to find the problem.

Like almost all online retailers, we also use external payment processors. As a result, in very rare cases the interfaces used may not work for a short time. Please try to reload the payment process first by going back one step in the order process and then switching back to the payment page. You may need to try the order process again 10 minutes later. If the error persists, please contact us at service@swisssana.com

When paying by bank transfer, there is always a delay of a few days in international money transactions. However, you are welcome to contact us with your order number to enquire whether we have already received your payment.

Unfortunately, we do not offer cash on delivery. You can pay for PHALLOSAN forte safely and conveniently by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. In Germany we also offer SOFORTÜBERWEISUNG as a payment method.

If the order has not yet been dispatched by us, cancellation is usually very easy. Simply contact our support team at service@swisssana.com. If you have paid by bank transfer, please have your IBAN/BIC ready so that we can transfer the payment back to you.

Once the inner seal has been opened, it is unfortunately no longer possible to return the product. If you have any problems with the application or are dissatisfied with it, our support team will certainly be able to help you.

Unfortunately we cannot accept orders by telephone. Please use our online shop. We can only offer order acceptance by e-mail in the B2B area for pharmacies and online pharmacies.

There are no customs duties in most European countries and the USA. On our order pages (e.g. https://www.phallosan.co.uk/order-now.php), you can view the customs duties for certain delivery countries in the box highlighted in blue as they are currently available to us (no guarantee that this is correct or up-to-date). If in doubt, please contact your local customs office for the exact regulations.

Please follow the instructions on our cancellation policy pages (https://www.phallosan.co.uk/return-guarantee.php).
Please also note the corresponding return addresses. This will enable us to process your cancellation as quickly as possible.
Our logistics service providers will inform us as soon as they have received the return and we will refund the purchase price in the event of a legitimate cancellation.

Please understand that we can no longer offer spare parts for the previous model. We recommend that you switch to the current and improved PHALLOSAN forte model.

PHALLOSAN forte is distributed exclusively by us and through pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We therefore do not supply any other retailers with our product. Pharmacies should contact our customer service department to place an order or if they have any questions.
However, we do offer very interesting commission models for affiliate marketing. If you are interested, you can find more information about the PHALLOSAN forte partner programme here.

On our order pages (e.g. https://www.phallosan.co.uk/order-now.php), you will find a box with a blue background that shows you the estimated delivery time to a specific country of delivery. Please note that these are based on experience and that we cannot guarantee delivery times or exact delivery dates.

You will find the tracking link in the dispatch confirmation that you receive when your order has been handed over to the delivery service. Please also check your spam folder if you have not received such an email.
Please note: Payments by bank transfer often take several WORKING DAYS to reach our account. We always dispatch only after receipt of payment.
You can also contact our support if you think you have not received a tracking link. Please provide us with your order number, name and order date.

We always work 100% discreetly. It is not possible to tell from the packaging what is inside the parcel. You can therefore safely leave the parcel with your neighbours.

We ship our goods to the UK with FedEx. In Germany and Austria we ship via DHL. In the USA, PHALLOSAN forte is shipped by FedEx. The other countries are served by FedEx and/or the respective local post office.

Unfortunately, we have no further possibilities to influence delivery dates (e.g. times of day) or delivery conditions (e.g. "leave at reception") by the delivery service. We can only provide the delivery service with the address details that you have provided during the ordering process.

With a little practice, putting on PHALLOSAN forte becomes child's play after just a few days. The following video shows you how quickly it can be applied.

Specific gains and the time it takes to achieve certain results depend on individual conditions. In our clinical study, the peak result after 6 months was an increase of 4.9cm at rest and 4.8cm erect. The mean value was 1.47cm.

We recommend continuing to use PHALLOSAN for another 4-6 weeks once you have reached your personal goal. This will make the results permanent.

If the vacuum does not remain stable, you should first check that the condom does not have a hole and that the pump is still working properly. Watch our video "How to repair the pump" (new models from model year 2022 onwards have undergone a design change that virtually eliminates the loss of vacuum through the pump).

Please watch the following video, it will release the tension pressure immediately. It is important that you do not feel any traction on the foam ring.
The pulling force should mainly be on the hard plastic bell or the sleeve condom.

Blisters on the foreskin are practically always the result of excessive traction on the device. In this case, please discontinue use until the blisters have completely receded. When resuming training, make sure that the tension gauge on the device does not go into the red zone. Pump a maximum of 3-5 times to prevent the vacuum from becoming too strong. In particular, blistering can occur if you use too strong a vacuum without using the recommended protector cap.
Also make sure that the suction cup used is not too narrow - then the vacuum cannot be distributed evenly. In this case, use a larger cup.
In some cases, Blisters can also form due to fluid (urine) accumulating in the suction cup. In this case, make sure that your penis is thoroughly cleaned before using PHALLOSAN forte.

The liquid is urine. Ensure adequate hygiene after using the toilet and reduce the traction slightly. This usually solves the problem.

We recommend staying in the green area / end of green on the traffic light system at the tension fork and only if you feel that you need a little more tension, slowly and carefully move into the yellow area, but avoid the red area completely. Too much tension is counterproductive, can cause inflammation and can also cause the cells to contract again instead of forming new ones.

You do not necessarily have to retract the foreskin. Many people find it more comfortable to wear if the protector cap is also placed over the foreskin.

If you are uncircumcised, you can either pull the foreskin back slightly when putting it on or put the protector cap on over the foreskin. The only thing that matters is that you can wear it comfortably.

We know that PHALLOSAN forte works. We can usually work with you to find the cause if you provide our support team with the following information:
• How many hours a day do you use PHALLOSAN forte? • How long and how regularly have you been exercising with PHALLOSAN forte? • Have you gained weight in the last 4 months (more than 8 kg)? • Are you currently taking certain medications or tablets for hair growth? • Do you have an uncomfortable feeling when wearing PHALLOSAN forte on the white foam ring? • Do you feel a pulling or tingling sensation when taking off PHALLOSAN forte?
We also recommend using the PHALLOSAN forte app for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) cell phones and tablet computers. This gives you full control over your daily training and allows you to record your progress.

In principle, penis straightening with PHALLOSAN forte is not possible without simultaneous lengthening and enlargement.

Prescription hair growth products reduce potency and there are fewer and fewer erections, which every healthy man should have 3-5 times a night. If these do not occur, the body begins to break down the penis (as in a paraplegic man). PHALLOSAN forte can counteract this effect, but not to the same extent as it would for a man not taking these products.

No. As the penis is not made up of muscle tissue, you do not need to take breaks. For quick results, we recommend a daily wearing time of 8-10 hours.

This has nothing to do with PHALLOSAN forte. Blood in the semen can occur after sexual intercourse or if the penis has been bent too much. Take a three-day sexual break and do not use PHALLOSAN forte during this time.

The 3 standard sizes of sleeve condoms have proven themselves in practice. We therefore do not currently offer any other intermediate sizes for the sleeve condoms. However, you can produce intermediate sizes of S and M or M and L yourself by stretching the S or M sleeve on the larger bell for a few hours. See the following video for details.

The PHALLOSAN belt is washable at 30°C (hand wash). All parts that come into contact with the skin have been tested for harmful substances in accordance with OekoTex/100. The foam bead and the textile belt are TÜV-tested and can be opened using Velcro fasteners so that all parts can be washed individually.

The following video shows you how to refit the belt correctly after cleaning.

Yes, please wash the protector cap and the cuff condom thoroughly with warm water and soap after each use.
Then air dry and lightly powder the outside and inside with baby powder (make sure that the baby powder does not contain talcum powder).

Please send our support team a photo of the torn sleeve, stating your order number. We will then check on a case-by-case basis whether you can receive a free replacement. Please always observe the application and care instructions for the sleeves in the official instructions (section "Care instructions"). Please also watch our application videos and the sleevecondoms will last a long time.

This only happens if the belt is worn too low and not as shown in the instructions. Wear the belt a little higher and the noise will disappear.

If the vacuum does not remain stable, you should first check that the condom does not have a hole and that the pump is still working properly. Watch our video to do this. If this does not help, the pump is probably defective. In this case, please contact our support team.

The only real wear parts of PHALLOSAN forte are the sealing sleeves and the protector caps. The other parts of PHALLOSAN forte will last a long time if used properly.

You can find the start page of the partner program here. Click here on "Register" and follow the instructions on the screen.

We are currently offering 100 USD commission (subject to change at any time).

The cookie duration is 14 days and we work according to the first-come-first-served principle.

Payment is always made on the 1st of the month (excluding public holidays or weekends).

No. We expressly do not allow our affiliates to participate in PPC programs (pay per click, especially Google Ads - formerly: AdWords) with the brand name "PHALLOSAN" or "PHALLOSAN forte" in order to avoid confusion with us as the official contact and costly competitive situations. Please also note our terms and conditions for affiliates.

Please note that PHALLOSAN and PHALLOSAN forte are registered trademarks. We therefore generally do not allow domain names for affiliates that contain these brand names. In any case, the possibility of confusion with us as the official provider should be avoided, for example with account names in social networks or on video portals.

We provide a wide range of image and video material in your affiliate account. As a rule, you should use this material for your website. In any case, copying our websites or imitating them is not permitted. Visitors to your site must always be able to clearly recognize that it is NOT one of our offers (your own imprint and/or contact details are mandatory).
It is also prohibited to copy longer text passages from our official pages (duplicate content).

The PHALLOSAN app for Android devices is available in the official Google PlayStore. The iOS app for Apple devices can be found in the Apple Appstore.
IMPORTANT: We urgently warn against installing the PHALLOSAN app from sources other than Google Play and Apple iTunes, as these may be manipulated.

Please note: All data in the app is stored ONLY on the respective end device. There is no automatic storage or exchange of data on our servers or third-party providers. This is primarily for data protection reasons. This means that we are unfortunately unable to help if data is lost (device lost/defective/...). Therefore, please either use the backup solutions of your respective end device for data backup or use the export function integrated in the app. This writes all app data to a file on the end device. You can then back this up externally as required (copy, send by email, store in the cloud, etc.) and import it into an existing or new installation of the app if necessary. So please make sure you regularly back up your data so that your "digital training progress" is not accidentally lost.

The "Enter/edit data" item can be found in the main menu. In the following menu, a list of all recorded times can be displayed using the "Training times" entry. Times can be changed as required using the "pencil" icon. This function is therefore useful if you have forgotten to switch the timer on or off or if you generally want to do without the timer.

The measurements are intended to represent a statistical recording over time. In this respect, it makes little sense to change them retrospectively. If you have inadvertently made an incorrect entry, you can overwrite the measurement of the CURRENT day by simply entering a new measurement.

PHALLOSAN plus+ is an optional extension for PHALLOSAN forte, which allows a stronger pulling effect to be achieved or for people who prefer to wear the device in a straight line. The app primarily serves as a personal training diary to document sufficient and continuous use of PHALLOSAN. Integrating special functions for PHALLOSAN plus+ would unnecessarily complicate the use of the app without offering any particular advantages for the user. We have therefore decided not to integrate the plus+ as a separate option in the app at present.

For a medical product like PHALLOSAN, it is particularly important to establish trust with the user when handling personal data. The app stores all data exclusively locally on the user's device. With the exception of push messages for customer information (promotions, news), there is no further communication with external servers and services. The app can be used completely offline. Users who wish to exchange information with other users will find a wide range of forums and chats from the global PE community (PE = penis enlargement) on the Internet. Contact with us can be made via the normal communication channels of e-mail or telephone, which is why no further support options are included in the app.

Your data is only stored locally on your end device. NO data is transferred from the app to us or third parties. This also makes it necessary for you to back up and restore your data yourself in the event of damage to or loss of your device (using the backup and restore programs available for your device or the import/export function contained in the app).
The respective distribution platforms (Google Play, Apple iTunes) may store data about your installed apps and their use. We have no influence over this.

Due to the large number of smartphones and tablets and the rapid pace of technical development, it can happen from time to time that the app cannot be installed or run on certain devices. Please understand that it is not possible for us to follow up every single report. However, we would be very grateful if you could send us important information such as model, operating system, version, etc. by email. This will enable us to make the app even better in the future.

You can find this function in the main menu under "Settings / Reset app". Please note that all your saved data in the app will be lost as a result.

Our current app has an import/export function for this purpose. Back up your data on the old device and import the file created in the process into the new installation on the other device. The app settings and data will then be identical.
NOTE: Back up your data regularly using the export function. This allows you to restore the current training status if your device is lost or damaged.