How does a man's erection work?

The opening of the so-called barrier arteries and the muscle-induced blood congestion cause the man's penis to become harder and longer during sexual arousal. A special hollow tissue (tunica albuginea) gives it its shape. An erection is an absolute prerequisite for penetration and therefore for reproduction.

Here we show you exactly what happens in the head, spinal cord and penis to get the male reproductive system going. You will also find out what nocturnal erections are good for and why you can still wear PHALLOSAN forte in your sleep with a clear conscience.

Stimulus-response principle of the erection

An erection is a reaction of the body to certain stimuli. For example, an erection can be triggered by sexual fantasies, visual or acoustic stimuli that are associated with sexual intercourse in men. Alternatively, the erection is triggered by mechanical stimulation of the genitals.

If the nervous system reports a mechanical stimulus at a sexually sensitive area, such as the penis or scrotum, the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for most involuntary, life-sustaining measures and behaviors (such as breathing or temperature balance), reacts. The parasympathetic nervous system, a nerve center in the brain stem, sends signals through the spinal cord to the lumbosacral plexus, a neural network in the spinal column at the level of the pelvis. The nerve endings of the lumbosacral plexus extend into the arteries and veins of the penile erectile tissue, where they reach a vascular opening or dilation. Meanwhile, muscles at the base of the penis prevent the outflow of blood. Result: The erectile tissue is supplied with more blood and the penis swells to a certain extent.

An erection in response to visual, acoustic or imaginary sexual stimuli usually occurs with the involvement of the cerebral cortex (cerebral cortex). Put simply, this region of the brain organizes all sensory impressions, coordinates corresponding behaviours and memory and makes the experience of consciousness possible - in other words, it is the home of the human psyche. However, the cerebral cortex can just as easily prevent an erection, for example if it is affected by stress or psychological trauma. This is where erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused if it does not have other physical causes, such as an injury to the spinal cord.

Nocturnal erection and "morning wood"

During the REM sleep phase (REM stands for "rapid eye movement"), men with normal erectile function experience regular stiffening of the penis. The REM sleep phase is the phase during which a man dreams. Although the autonomic nervous system becomes active during the REM phase and triggers an erection, the dream does not necessarily have to be sexual. (Nocturnal) erections have even been observed in embryos.

If one of these erections persists until you wake up, this is colloquially referred to as a "morning wood". A morning erection is therefore actually just a remnant of last night. It is debatable whether a full bladder has an influence on the formation of a (nocturnal) erection. Some scientists assume that a full bladder stimulates nerve cords that are significantly involved in the erection. The nocturnal erection is an important indicator of the cause of erectile dysfunction. If the man is unable to achieve an erection during lovemaking, this could have physical causes. However, if the body is obviously able to produce an erection at night, there are probably psychological causes (e.g. stress or depression). According to many sex researchers, regular erections are absolutely necessary to maintain the general erectile ability and quality of the erection - they "train" the penis, so to speak.

Can PHALLOSAN forte also be worn during an erection?

PHALLOSAN forte does not impair erectile function in any way - quite the opposite. The vacuum bell attaches directly to the glans; neither the suction bell nor the condom impair blood circulation. The stretch belt system adapts to an erection at all times without being noticed and can therefore also be worn at night without restriction. PHALLOSAN forte can also be used as a supportive therapy for penile deviation or erectile dysfunction. In a clinical study, some test subjects felt that their erections were generally much harder after wearing the product for six months.