Penis augmentation

Methods of penis enlargement

No matter how big their penis really is, most men will have looked at themselves naked in the mirror at some point and wondered: Couldn't there be more? Since a large penis is associated with more virility, a better love life and generally more self-confidence, every man wants a large penis - or at least a larger one. Accordingly, many men are interested in penis enlargement techniques. In technical terms, all penis enlargement methods are called penis augmentation. Here you can find out which types of penis augmentation are available, which are really promising and where the greatest risks lie. First of all: PHALLOSAN forte is the only system for non-surgical penis augmentation whose function has so far been proven in a clinical study.

Penis enlargement through surgery

Phalloplasty surgery is aimed at either actual or optical penis enlargement. In some cases, the patient's penis is encased in so much surrounding skin or fatty tissue that it is barely visible (you can find out more about the so-called "buried penis" syndrome here). In this case, the actual penis augmentation does not involve lengthening the existing penis, but rather removing the surrounding fat. This exposes the penis that was previously "buried" in the fatty tissue.

If penile augmentation is to lead to an actual lengthening, the surgeon detaches the penis from its anchoring to the pelvis. To do this, the retaining ligament is cut and the part of the penis that lies in the body is pulled further outwards. The extent to which the penis can be lengthened here cannot be predicted beforehand.

A major disadvantage of penis augmentation surgery is the dubious success rate. Doctors usually quote values of between two and four centimetres, whereby a penis enlargement of four centimetres is likely to be an absolute peak value. Another disadvantage of phalloplasty surgery is simply the price. You will have to pay several thousand euros for a surgical penis enlargement. The health risks associated with the operation should also not be underestimated: As with any surgery, there is a risk of inflammation and infection, and your erection quality and potency may also suffer.

For comparison: In a study, test subjects achieved an average penis enlargement of around three centimetres (erect) with PHALLOSAN forte - with a peak value of 4.8 centimetres/1.9 inches (erect). PHALLOSAN forte does not even cost a fraction of the price of penis enlargement surgery.

Mechanical penis augmentation - non-surgical methods

There are many different methods of penis enlargement that rely on mechanical stimulation of the penis or erectile tissue to achieve an increase in erection length or girth. The PHALLOSAN forte stretch belt system also belongs to this category. In contrast to PHALLOSAN forte, the chances of success with other non-surgical techniques for penis augmentation are limited. Either real penis enlargement has not yet been empirically proven, or their potential for success cannot be fully exploited because, unlike PHALLOSAN forte, they cannot be used throughout the day.

  • Penis extenders: Penis extenders are penis extenders that are designed to achieve penile enlargement through weight bearing. This also includes the PHALLOSAN forte vacuum protector system. The advantage of a penis extender in the form of a belt system is that it can be worn very easily in everyday life. The weight load can only enable real penis augmentation if it acts as a constant, moderate stimulus on the penile tissue. We strongly advise against belt designs from copycat manufacturers. The materials used are often not skin-friendly and the risk of injury is enormous. Another form of penis extender is the so-called rod extender. As rod extenders cannot be used in everyday life, their potential for success is limited. However, they are very suitable as a supplement to the use of PHALLOSAN forte. Here, too, be careful when buying! Our recommendation: PHALLOSAN plus+, the rod extension for your PHALLOSAN forte.
  • Vacuum pumps: Penis pumps are normally used to treat erectile dysfunction. They cause blood to build up in the male member and thus provide an erection. Some manufacturers of such vacuum pumps claim that regular use also leads to penis enlargement. This has not yet been proven in any study. There is also a high risk of injury with many manufacturers' pumps, as too much pressure from the vacuum can lead to damage to the erectile tissue.
  • Jelqing and other massage techniques: There are many different approaches on the internet that are supposed to lead to penis augmentation through massage. However, empirical tests of these techniques have shown that jelqing is most likely completely useless.

Are you interested in natural, orthopaedic penis enlargement? Find out more about how PHALLOSAN forte works here.