Glans penis

The most erogenous zone of the man

The glans penis (glans penis) is the general term for the thickening at the front of the penis in men.

In uncircumcised men, the glans is covered by the foreskin when not erect. During an erection, this retracts and exposes the glans. In the circumcision procedure, which is still very common today, part or even all of the foreskin of the penis is removed so that the glans is always exposed. The reasons for circumcision are usually medical (foreskin constriction) or aesthetic and cultural.

Importance of the glans for sexual arousal

The glans is largely responsible for a man's sensation of pleasure and, along with the frenulum of foreskin, is one of the strongest erogenous zones in men. Circumcised men are therefore said to experience less pleasure during sexual intercourse due to the increasing scarring of the glans tissue.