Measure penis width / Measure penis diameter

Correctly measure the penis width

While different methods are given on the internet for measuring penis length, the suggestions for measuring penis width that can be found on the internet are far more similar. However, the penis width is not measured directly - this would be far too inaccurate due to the cylindrical shape of the penis - but the penis circumference is measured first. When measuring the circumference of the penis, no distinction is usually made between the erect and non-erect state. In order to obtain comparable results, it is best to measure in a fully erect state. Please note, however, that in contrast to penis length, penis thickness can vary much more. Different erections also result in different values for the penis circumference.

Measuring the width of the penis by measuring the girth of the penis

The circumference of the penis is measured with a simple, flexible measuring tape. A rigid measuring instrument would be far too inaccurate. The measurement is taken when the penis is fully erect and the measuring tape should be as close as possible (but not too tight) to the thickest part of the penis shaft. This is usually the area directly above the base of the penis. The penis width (penis diameter) can then be calculated from the value measured here using the simple circular formula.

Penis width = penis circumference / π (circle number π=3.14)

Methods for more penis width (penis diameter)

Penis rings are used during sexual intercourse to widen the penis quickly. These reduce the outflow of blood from the erect penis and thus lead to an increased erection and therefore more penis width. Vacuum pumps (penis pumps) can also temporarily increase the width of the penis. However, neither method has any lasting or permanent effects.

Penis stretching belts such as PHALLOSAN forte improve blood flow to the penis through regular training. This is intended to promote the formation of new cell material. Regular training with PHALLOSAN forte can therefore not only lengthen the penis, but also increase the width and diameter of the penis.