Potency disorder

Causes and effects

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder in which a man is unable to achieve an erection of sufficient quality to perform the sexual act over a longer period of time. The same term is also used when an erection is achieved but cannot be maintained for the normal duration of the sexual act. This is colloquially referred to as male impotence.

Physical and psychological effects of erectile dysfunction

Potency disorders are serious illnesses for those affected. The often psychological causes of the disorders are exacerbated by this. Today, however, it is assumed that in most cases erectile dysfunction is not caused by stress or overwork, but rather by organic factors such as generally impaired blood circulation.

Effective medication is now available for clearly psychologically induced potency disorders, which leads to a personal sense of achievement thanks to its high degree of effectiveness and can therefore be used as supportive therapy.

Alleviation of potency disorders through improved blood circulation

Penis extenders such as PHALLOSAN can also contribute to improved erections and a reduction in erectile dysfunction by stimulating the erectile tissue.