Penis pump

Penis enlargement through negative pressure

Penis extenders of the penis pump type are based on the principle of stretching the penis through negative pressure. Regular use of the pump is intended to stretch the penis tissue and thus permanently lengthen it.

Penis pumps are quite successful in lengthening or enlarging the male member - but are also highly controversial from a medical point of view. Improper or incorrect use can cause serious injury to the erectile tissue. Too much negative pressure can cause the fine blood vessels in the penis to burst. This damage to the erectile tissue can then almost always only be treated surgically.

Penis pumps are rather unsuitable for everyday use

Due to their size compared to stretching systems, penis pumps are not suitable for everyday use. The generally long wearing time (3-4 hours a day) required for lasting success makes them even more unsuitable for everyday use.

Advantages of PHALLOSAN compared to a penis pump

The PHALLOSAN stretching system works on a similar principle to penis pumps, but without the disadvantages in daily use described above.