Penis extender /
Penis stretcher

Enlargement of the penis through stretching

Penis extenders (also: penis stretchers) are non-surgical aids for penis enlargement and penis lengthening. Penis enlargement is achieved by stretching the tissue, which stimulates the growth of new cells. The group of penis extenders also includes the PHALLOSAN forte stretch belt and its extension PHALLOSAN plus+, a rod expander. Penis extenders are a method of natural penis enlargement.

All penis extenders have a device that exerts continuous traction on the penis. In most cases, this is done by attaching a holding device to the glans, through which the traction is applied. For truly visible penis enlargement, penis extenders must be used for several hours a day. However, this is hardly possible with most extenders, as they either rely on a rod construction or have to be applied as a vacuum pump.

PHALLOSAN forte takes a much more practical approach, as it can be worn as an extender belt anytime and anywhere. Find out what makes PHALLOSAN forte unique as a penis extender - and how you can increase your chances of success with PHALLOSAN plus+ - here.

Rod expander: the classic version

Conventional penis extenders consist of an adjustable metal rod with ring-shaped ends. The penis is inserted into the device through these and then fixed in place, usually with loops. Countless manufacturers offer rod expanders whose functional principle is basically similar to that of PHALLOSAN forte. However, the chances of success are lower and the health risks higher, as rod expanders have a number of disadvantages:

  • Cumbersome: the rod exerts traction on the fixed penis. The construction is rigid and bulky.
  • Doubly cumbersome: In order to achieve stronger traction, the device usually has to be dismantled and then reassembled with longer rods.
  • Not portable: Due to their solid construction, penis extenders of this kind cannot be worn in everyday life (under clothing) or in bed at night. The only way to achieve success is to use them alone at home every day for several hours.
  • Dangerous: The loop causes painful bruising on the penis in cheaply made models. The poor quality of the material can cause itching and redness as well as allergies.

Success with bar expanders: Knowing how

The functional principle of penis expanders with metal rods is not wrong, it is just that they are often impractical to use. In combination with PHALLOSAN, however, a rod expander makes perfect sense. PHALLOSAN plus+ is the ideal extension for your PHALLOSAN forte stretch belt. You can use PHALLOSAN forte as usual in everyday life, but at home you can also benefit from the increased tensile force and stability of the bar expander. You can rest assured that the quality of materials and workmanship of PHALLOSAN plus+ meets the same standards as PHALLOSAN forte.

Stretcher with vacuum

Penis stretchers of the penis pump type (vacuum pumps) generate a tensile load via a vacuum. The penis is usually inserted into a closed cylinder, which is then sealed airtight. The air is removed from the cylinder by means of a pump system and a vacuum is created. Due to their design, these devices are also only suitable for use within your own four walls. There is no evidence of a truly measurable penis enlargement with vacuum pumps. Caution: The intensity of the vacuum cannot be adjusted on many vacuum pumps from low-cost suppliers. Excessive traction poses an enormous risk of injury.

Penis stretcher as a belt system: why PHALLOSAN forte remains the best choice

The PHALLOSAN forte stretching system uses a similar principle to bar expanders, but without a rigid construction. The tensile force is generated by a belt worn around the body. The penis is no longer rigidly fixed in a device, but is connected to the belt by a vacuum suction bell. As the penis is attached directly to the body with this stretching system, it can also be worn and used inconspicuously under normal clothing. This is an enormous advantage over penis extenders with a different mode of operation, as your success on the way to a larger penis depends largely on the regularity and length of time you wear it.