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Foreskin constriction

Painful phimosis

Foreskin constriction (med.: phimosis) is a usually painful narrowing of the opening of the foreskin on the male penis. Due to the reduced opening, the foreskin can no longer retract over the glans penis or can only do so with pain.

Effects of a foreskin constriction

In addition to the pain, foreskin constriction has severely restrictive effects on the person affected. In addition to a sometimes very difficult urination, hygiene problems resulting from the lack of mobility of the foreskin should be mentioned here. In some cases, erections and ejaculation can also be severely restricted for those affected.

Treatment of foreskin constriction

Phimosis is usually treated surgically as part of a circumcision. The constricted part of the foreskin is removed to such an extent that the glans is exposed or at least the foreskin can be retracted again. Non-surgical methods for treating a constriction of the foreskin are usually based on creams and ointments. However, if these do not work, surgery is usually unavoidable.