What is jelqing?

Jelq exercises for penis enlargement?

Jelqing is a massage exercise that has become particularly popular on the internet and is intended to increase penile blood flow and lead to an increase in penis length through pressure and pulling movements. Jelq exercises are therefore an alternative to surgical measures for penis enlargement. There is no empirical evidence of measurable success, but no studies have been conducted to date; journalists and doctors point out possible health risks.

Find out below where jelqing comes from, what the risks are and how the functional principle of PHALLOSAN forte differs from this.

Jelqing - what the penis exercise is all about

The idea is not new and quite tempting: phalloplasty surgery cannot be the only option for penis enlargement. The concept of the PHALLOSAN forte stretch belt, which lengthens the penis through continuous orthopaedic stretching, is ultimately based on this idea. Jelqing, also known as milking, is along similar lines. Here, daily penis training, ideally lasting several hours, should lead to success. However, even with regular massage training, there is no evidence of sustained penis enlargement through jelqing.

Jelq massage supposedly goes back to Arabic exercises that fathers passed on to their sons - possibly as part of a rite of masculinity. Jelq exercises are generally based on two principles: The massage improves blood flow to the penis, which should lead to improved erections. On the other hand, the "pulling effect" applied by the special grips is intended to stretch and thus lengthen and enlarge the penis. If possible, the exercises should be performed with a semi-erect penis. The man forces his penis through a narrow opening made from his thumb and index finger.

Risks of jelqing

Jelqing involves fast movements and the penis is subjected to high pressure at the same time. Experts therefore warn of a possible risk of injury: especially if the exercises are performed without lubricant ("dry jelqing"), tears can easily occur in the penile connective tissue or on the glans if the man slips with his hand. In uncircumcised men, a tear of the frenulum (glans frenulum) is also conceivable. Bloody injuries to the penis or bruising of the erectile tissue in particular are often accompanied by irreparable consequential damage. Bleeding on the penis can cause scarring and penile curvature (see also IPP), pain during erection and reduced sexual sensitivity.

However, men who are looking for a non-surgical method of penis enlargement run the risk of being disappointed - and deceived. It is not only the success stories circulating on the Internet that are often of a dubious nature. Jelq exercises are usually not completely free either. There are countless providers online who offer "training videos" about Jelq massages and other techniques for a fee.

In comparison: Empirically proven penis enlargement with PHALLOSAN forte

After more than 20 years of industry and research experience in the field of orthopaedic penis enlargement, we can say one thing for sure: natural and sustainable penis enlargement is a lengthy process. First and foremost, this means that the penis has to be stretched for many months and several hours a day, with little strain. However, this should not discourage you - quite the opposite. Because the PHALLOSAN forte belt is specially designed for inconspicuous and carefree use in everyday life. In contrast to jelqing, which nobody can do for several hours a day, PHALLOSAN forte makes regular penis training possible - whether during the day, at work or at night while you sleep.

The success of PHALLOSAN forte is also confirmed by a clinical study, which you can read at your leisure here. Success stories about PHALLOSAN and its successor PHALLOSAN forte have also been repeatedly published in the media in recent years.

You can find out more about how PHALLOSAN forte works and the principle of penile orthopaedic stretching here.