When a man can no longer

Impotence - a colloquial expression as bad as the problems it describes. The Duden dictionary gives the following definitions: Firstly, general inability to procreate; secondly, a man's inability to have sexual intercourse. In addition to erectile dysfunction, the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia lists anejaculation (the absence of ejaculation) and impotentia generandi (the inability to conceive despite having an erection) as possible definitions. In short, impotence usually refers to a sexual dysfunction that affects men. In this article, we focus specifically on erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction), but also look at other sexual impairments that affect men. Here you will also find out in which cases of impotence PHALLOSAN forte can offer you support and therapy options.

Impotence and impaired erectile function

In most cases, impotence probably refers to erectile dysfunction. This can have various causes. However, the definition is clear. If it just doesn't work in bed from time to time, you don't need to worry. Impotence in the sense of erectile dysfunction is only present if you are unable to achieve a long-lasting erection over a period of six months. There are often physical causes for impotence. A visit to the doctor is highly recommended, as it is often related to more serious vascular or heart problems. More serious means: in addition to your sex life, your general state of health may be at risk.

Older men (especially those over 60) are more likely to be affected by impotence than younger men, and smokers and/or drinkers are more likely than men with a healthy lifestyle. This is mainly due to the fact that cigarette and alcohol consumption increase the risk of vascular diseases and circulatory disorders. The likelihood of blood pressure fluctuations, cardiac insufficiency and vascular calcification or fatty degeneration also increases with age.

Because the erection process is also a matter of the mind, the psyche can play a role. Just a few years ago, scientists generally assumed that psychological distress (such as depression or stress) was the most common cause of impotence. Today, research contradicts this assumption, but your family doctor or urologist will also discuss your general life situation in your medical history and recommend a therapist if necessary. Impotence often begins with a physical illness and is exacerbated by the constant "pressure to succeed" and the damaged self-image ("I'm not a real man anymore").

Inability to procreate

In addition to erectile dysfunction, the term impotence is often used to describe various forms of male inability to conceive. In the case of anejaculation, ejaculation regularly fails to occur even though the man reaches orgasm. This form of sexual dysfunction is often caused by a slight injury to the spine or paraplegia. It can also be caused by neurological conditions. Ejaculation does not occur because the responsible sexual organs do not contract.

Other forms of impotence in the sense of inability to conceive are, for example: failure to ejaculate despite contraction of the sexual organs (aspermia), inability to reach orgasm (anorgasmia) and ejaculate without sperm (azoospermia). There are also many other forms of sexual dysfunction that affect sperm quality or the direct ejaculation process. The consequences of impotence are as varied as the symptoms and causes. Whenever sex life or the ability to reproduce are restricted, constant worry, frustration and self-doubt are not far away. In some cases of impotence, PHALLOSAN forte can be used as an accompanying therapy.

Positive side effects of PHALLOSAN forte

In some cases, users of PHALLOSAN forte have reported a harder erection and increased libido after prolonged use. You can find out more about the positive influence of PHALLOSAN forte on the sexual experience of test subjects in this clinical study, in which some participants reported increased sexual sensitivity as a side effect.

The stretching function of PHALLOSAN forte increases penile blood flow and stimulates the erectile tissue gently but constantly. This allows you to prevent or even treat erectile dysfunction. If self-doubt and physical dissatisfaction have become so ingrained in you that they affect your ability to have an erection or orgasm, PHALLOSAN forte may not only help you to have a longer penis, but also to have more self-confidence and a more relaxed approach to your sexuality.