Natural penis extension

Penis extension without surgery

The term natural penis extension covers all methods that are intended to lengthen or enlarge the male member in a non-surgical way. While surgical methods are mostly based on the introduction of new cell material into the penis or lengthening the ligaments holding the penis shaft in place, almost all natural methods are based on the body's own cell regeneration.

Methods and systems for natural penis enlargement

The best-known systems for natural penis extension are the so-called stretchers (penis extenders) - such as PHALLOSAN forte. Continuous traction of the penis stimulates the process of new cell formation within the erectile tissue. Penis pumps follow the same approach by creating a vacuum. The appropriate classification as "natural penis extension" comes into play not only because of this, but also because the principle of penis enlargement by stretching has been used for centuries by certain indigenous peoples.

Jelqing instructions are the second best-known group of natural penis extension methods. Special massages and exercises are used to stimulate the growth of erectile tissue. However, the effect of these methods is highly controversial.

Methods using pills and ointments are also almost always offered under the slogan of natural penis extension. However, due to the incalculable health risks (due to the mostly unknown ingredients), this is not advisable in any case.

We will therefore refrain from further differentiating genuine natural penis enlargement from "chemical" attempts to lengthen the penis (with pills and tablets) at this point, as penis enlargement is not possible with these products.

Natural penis enlargement with the PHALLOSAN system

PHALLOSAN forte uses the natural principle of cell regeneration to naturally lengthen and enlarge the penis - without the risks and side effects of surgery or vacuum pumps. Safe, gentle, natural.

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