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Width is more important than penis length

I'm sure every man has doubted the appearance or size of his penis at some point - is it "normal"? Is it just not below average? One thing is for sure - nobody wants to be associated with a small penis. Most men are mainly concerned about the length of their penis when they think about their penis size. On the other hand, when women talk about penis size, they seem to be more concerned about penis width, or rather penis girth. Find out why this might be the case, how to measure your penis width and girth and what penis girth is considered "normal" here. The good news is that even though most of our customers come to us with the desire for a longer penis, PHALLOSAN forte helps to make the penis wider.

What makes a wider penis better?

Even if men's concerns about their penis being too small are often ridiculed in the media and in everyday language, the seriousness behind these concerns should not be underestimated. Self-doubt often gnaws at men and makes it more difficult for them to get involved with a partner and enjoy sex. If self-hatred gets out of hand, it can become a real psychological disorder. Such fears quickly tend towards the irrational, because even with a penis of below-average size, sex is usually possible without any problems, even in such a way that the partner feels something. In any case, a woman's penis width - which men rarely think about at all - is more important than penis length.

But why is penis width more important to women during sex? This is most likely due to the female anatomy, more specifically the clitoris. For one thing, most women find it much easier to reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation (i.e. direct stimulation of the external clitoral corpus cavernosum) than through vaginal penetration. If the sex partners do not use additional aids for stimulation during vaginal sex, such as hands or a vibrator, the clitoral glans may experience too little friction. This is only the case in some positions - and when the penis has a certain girth. This does not mean that women cannot enjoy sex with men if the clitoris is not stimulated enough. However, the likelihood of a female orgasm is reduced. In addition, direct vaginal penetration also feels better when the penis is slightly wider. This is because the clitoral glans is only the externally accessible part of a larger organ. The erectile tissue directly behind the vaginal entrance is also part of the clitoris. A wider penis stimulates the highly sexually sensitive nerve endings better. A feeling of greater friction and pressure often improves the sensation of pleasure and increases the likelihood of orgasm.

What is a normal penis width?

There are many studies on average penis size and thickness. On this website, we often quote the results of a study from the UK, which summarizes the measurement results of thousands of test subjects worldwide from previous studies. First of all, it must be said: Penis width does not play a role in any serious study. Instead, the circumference of the penis is measured with a measuring tape. Based on this, however, you can easily calculate your penis width.

This study from 2014 came to the following conclusion: the average penis girth is 11.66 cm/4.59 inches (erect) and the penis length (also erect) is 13.12 cm/5.16 inches.

And this is how you measure your penis girth - and indirectly also the penis width: Due to the almost cylindrical shape of the penis, it would be far too inaccurate to simply measure the penis width with a ruler. Instead, the circumference of the penis is measured. To do this, use an ordinary measuring tape, which you place tightly around the narrowest part of the erect penis (usually directly behind the base of the penis). You can then calculate the width of your penis using a simple formula:
Penis width = penis circumference / π (circle number π=3.14)

According to this calculation, the average penis width worldwide is approx. 3.71 cm/1.46 inches.

Methods for more penis width (penis diameter)

Penis stretching belts such as PHALLOSAN forte improve blood flow to the penis through regular training. This is intended to promote the formation of new cell material. Regular training with PHALLOSAN forte can therefore not only lengthen the penis, but also increase the width and diameter of the penis.

You can find more information on the functional principle of PHALLOSAN forte here.