PHALLOSAN forte as a natural sexual enhancer

Stamina is a colloquial term for a man's potency. Sometimes the term refers more precisely to the time during which a man is able to maintain an erection. A man's erectile function is an absolute prerequisite for penetration during sexual intercourse. If a man often fails to get an erection or even suffers from erectile dysfunction - i.e. has "poor" stamina - this can quickly lead to self-doubt, crises in the relationship and the depressing feeling of not being a good lover.

If your own stamina falls short of your expectations, PHALLOSAN forte can help to increase your potency, overcome mild or temporary erectile dysfunction and awaken in you a new joy in sex and love. Find out here how PHALLOSAN forte works as a natural sexual enhancer and what can cause erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction and impaired stamina

Erectile dysfunction, also known colloquially as impotence, is only present if you have not been able to get an erection regularly for at least six months or the erectile phase has lasted too short to have sex. If you are worried about this, you should definitely consult a urologist. They can not only advise you, but also rule out serious physical causes. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is a syndrome of a more serious physical problem, such as a circulatory disorder.

Ultimately, erectile dysfunction can have a variety of causes, for example

  • Vascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis
  • high blood pressure
  • Taking medication
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Injuries and diseases of the reproductive organs (e.g. the prostate) or the spine
  • Psychological causes: Fear of failure during sexual intercourse or other sexual fears and feelings of shame, psychological trauma, depression

Overall, physical causes are much more common than psychological ones. Age plays a major role: the risk of erectile dysfunction increases considerably with age. Smokers are a particular risk group.

If your erection problems do not match the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, this of course does not mean that everything is fine. Reduced stamina can be very stressful, even if you manage to get an erection from time to time. You may have had bad sexual experiences in the past, have low self-esteem, worry about your penis size or simply have too many worries and stress. Nervousness can also lead not only to a lack of an erection, but also to an unusually fast ejaculation - another sexual problem area for many men, which has a negative impact on their sexual stamina.

How can you increase stamina and potency?

The treatment of genuine erectile dysfunction always depends on the cause. Sometimes it can be remedied by combating other physical illnesses. Sometimes the only thing that helps is taking PDE-5 inhibitors, such as Viagra. Serious psychological problems require the support of a specialized therapist.

PHALLOSAN forte can also improve your stamina and therefore your potency. On the one hand, the vacuum traction of the penis stretching belt stimulates and improves penile blood flow. In a clinical study with PHALLOSAN forte, which mainly focused on PHALLOSAN forte's potential for penis enlargement, some test subjects also reported a harder erection and more frequent erections. In some subjects, libido and sexual sensitivity also increased, while the duration of sexual intercourse remained the same or even increased. Indirectly, PHALLOSAN forte also acts like a natural sexual enhancer by enlarging the penis: you automatically improve your sexual self-confidence and body awareness. This makes it easier to reduce fear of failure and overcome sexual or personal crises. Nothing increases stamina more than stable self-esteem.

You can find out more about how PHALLOSAN forte works here.