Penis stretch belt

Modern penis enlargement systems

Penis extender devices are roughly divided into two different categories:

  • Penis extenders with telescopic technology
  • Penis extenders with elastic and variable traction devices
  • PHALLOSAN and PenisPlus+ were the first two successful penis extender systems. Their development followed the obvious and design-related disadvantages of the telescopic extenders that had been available for some time.

Disadvantages of conventional extenders with telescopic technology

Penis extenders with telescopic technology are almost all made of hard and inflexible materials, which are not particularly comfortable to wear and are also difficult to wear under normal everyday clothing. These devices usually have to be laboriously dismantled and reassembled with additional components in order to vary the traction strength.

Consistent further development of the penis stretching belt

Penis stretching belts avoid these disadvantages by using a flexible belt which transfers the tension to the glans and penis via a holding device. The advantage is obvious: the tension can be controlled more easily, quickly and precisely than with rigid telescopic stretchers.

There are generally two alternatives for the holding devices used. Simple models (e.g. PenisPlus+) use padded loops to minimize pressure on the glans. However, modern holding systems (e.g. PHALLOSAN) based on vacuum technology are to be preferred due to the increased wearing comfort. This is because the increased wearing comfort makes it easier to achieve the necessary daily wearing time.

Differences in penis stretching belts

There are now also penis extenders that incorporate the successful idea of PenisPlus+ and PHALLOSAN forte. There are differences in the way the belt is worn. Simple stretching straps are fixed over the shoulder or even on the thigh. PHALLOSAN, on the other hand, is based on a hip belt design that allows the penis to be worn close to the body, making it comfortable to wear.