Penis straightening

Straightening a crooked penis

The term penis straightening covers all methods or aids that are intended to help compensate for existing curvatures of the male member. The background to this is usually psychological or aesthetic aspects, as an impediment to the sexual act only occurs if the penis is very severely curved.

The cause of the curvatures is often local scarring of the penile erectile tissue, which is presumably due to micro-tears in the tissue itself. These tears are usually triggered by genetic causes or inflammation of the erectile tissue.

Methods of penis straightening

A basic distinction is made between surgical and non-surgical penis straightening.

In surgical methods of penis straightening, an attempt is made to tighten the opposite side of the scarring and thus compensate for the curvature.

Non-surgical methods of penis straightening, on the other hand, are usually based on stretching systems (such as PHALLOSAN). The penis is stretched continuously to minimize or completely eliminate an existing curvature.

Straightening the penis with PHALLOSAN

The PHALLOSAN stretching system exerts continuous traction on the male member. By changing the direction of traction and with regular use, PHALLOSAN can help to compensate for curvatures of the penis. Penis straightening with PHALLOSAN is safe and painless to use. Your attending physician can request further information on penis straightening with PHALLOSAN from us.