Sexual enhancers

Increasing male potency

Sexual enhancers or erectile aids generally refer to medications, dietary supplements and substances for erectile dysfunction or to increase potency. Around one in five men in their prime suffer from erectile dysfunction and therefore turn to sexual enhancers. For those affected, going to the doctor is often characterized by a feeling of shame or is even avoided altogether.

However, sexual enhancers can help you to cope with this psychological burden. You can find out which sexual enhancer is best for you in a consultation with a specialist. A distinction can be made between three different measures to increase potency. Firstly, dietary means and food supplements, secondly the administration of medicinal sexual enhancers and thirdly mechanical erection aids.

History of sexual enhancers

For centuries, natural substances have been used in almost all cultures to improve erections. Herbal ingredients are often used, but unfortunately sometimes animal products such as rhino horns and shark fins are also used, the effects of which have never been scientifically proven. Even today, herbal remedies are still used to increase potency. For example, ginseng, maca or arginine are often used to improve erectile function, while bufotenin is used to increase libido. Ambrein is made from the "gray ambergris" plant. In Arab countries in particular, it is known to increase testosterone levels and boost male potency.

For 20 years now, medicinal sexual enhancers from large pharmaceutical companies have dominated the market. However, there are now also more and more competing products. In contrast to natural erection aids, their effects are scientifically proven and the side effects are largely known. The active ingredients in all medical products are so-called PDE5 inhibitors, which inhibit the breakdown of an enzyme in the tissue of the penis and thus prevent the outflow of blood in the erectile tissue.

Preparations to increase potency can also be ordered quickly and easily on the Internet, but extreme caution is required here: These are often counterfeits without active ingredients or with active ingredients in excessively high doses, which can seriously endanger your health! Truly effective PDE5 inhibitors with manageable side effects are only available in Germany with a doctor's prescription.

Another way to increase potency is to use state-of-the-art mechanical erection aids. PHALLOSAN forte can also be categorized in this category.

Mechanical erection aids

The principle is similar for all mechanical erection aids: continuous gentle stretching stimulates the tissue to produce new cells. This painless vacuum traction promotes the growth of the penis in width and length, as new cell material is embedded in the micro-fiber tears. In addition, the entire penis tissue is supplied with more blood and nutrients. This leads to an increase in potency and stronger erections.

With over 20 years of experience in penis enlargement, lengthening and straightening, we have developed the PHALLOSAN forte system, which fulfills all medical requirements and therefore also bears the CE mark.

The patented system has a 3-way valve so that the vacuum can be adjusted to your own needs at any time. The high wearing comfort makes it possible to wear PHALOSSAN forte over a period of 12 hours without any impairment. Blood circulation is not restricted at any time and the tension on the strap is infinitely adjustable.

In contrast to other systems, PHALOSSAN forte is not noticeable even under thin pants and it is ensured that the system cannot fall out of the trousers under any circumstances.

Due to the long and comfortable wearing time, impressive results were achieved on our test subjects. An average growth in erect state of 2.9 cm in length and 2.5 cm in girth (after 6 months with a wearing time of 9 hours a day, 6 days a week) were the result. And all without the side effects of medical preparations!