Pills or ointments for penis enlargement?

Why penis creams and tablets don't work

If you have been researching the subject of penis enlargement for some time, you have probably come across advertisements for penis enlargement pills or alleged miracle ointments. Even if you want to stay away from such dubious articles, you will at least receive sporadic spam emails with tempting topics: Viagra without prescription, penis tablets with guaranteed penis enlargement, creams that are supposed to make erections harder and bigger. We can only urge you: Do not fall for such scams. To date, there are no effective remedies, neither pills nor ointments, that make penis enlargement possible. In addition, many of these penis enlargement pills or ointments pose considerable risks to your health. Find out here why you should say no to pills or ointments and what really effective alternatives there are for penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement pills: a popular lure in spam emails

Gary Thuerk certainly didn't expect this at the time: At the end of the 1970s, the marketing expert sent an e-mail to a manageable number of addresses in which he advertised computers. Thanks to this first advertising e-mail in the history of the world, Thuerk is now considered the inventor of e-mail spam. Today, sending questionable or even highly dangerous advertising, scam and blackmail messages is a million-dollar business for criminal gangs. In addition to pornographic content, pills or ointments for penis enlargement are also a popular topic among fraudsters, as is over-the-counter Viagra. Never be misled by such messages, do not open them and never click on links or file attachments! At best, you will be redirected to dubious sites where you can actually buy worthless penis creams or tablets for huge sums of money. At worst, your email address or passwords are spied on or you catch a virus.

Spam scammers know that penis size is a sensitive issue for many men. Advertising for penis enlargement ointments or pills seems to be an ideal tool to trick uninformed Internet users.

Penis enlargement ointments and pills often contain harmful substances - and are worthless

Have you ever searched for keywords such as "penis tablets" or "penis enlargement" on a large online mail order company such as Amazon? There is a long list of all kinds of different pills that are supposed to make the penis longer, improve erection quality and generally be good for male strength. However, the below-average customer reviews quickly become apparent. Almost no one has a positive experience to report. The basic tenor: zero effect for a lot of money. And some even report severe side effects, such as skin rashes, after taking the products for a while.

If you take a look at the ingredients of these penis pills, which are often offered as "dietary supplements", it quickly becomes clear why these preparations are all useless. They consist mainly of herbal extracts and other plant extracts known from naturopathy, which are said to have an aphrodisiac effect, for example. Even a positive effect on sex drive is extremely doubtful with such pills, but they can in no way initiate penis enlargement. It is generally not advisable to take such products, especially if you buy them from dubious foreign manufacturers. It is not always possible to trace which ingredients are added to the tablets for alleged penis enlargement. If the preparations contain toxic or incompatible substances, you are exposing yourself to a high health risk!

The situation is similar with penis enlargement ointments or creams. These may lead to increased blood flow to the penile tissue and an erection if they contain ginkgo extracts, for example (a common additive in such penis creams). Penis enlargement through lotions nevertheless remains an unfulfilled dream. Special care should be taken with creams containing hormones, which can endanger the liver. You should also stay away from ointments containing prostaglandins, which can cause a temporary, optical enlargement of the penis in a flaccid member, but prevent erections. They are considered to be extremely harmful to health and are often not even approved in Germany.

Real penis enlargement is possible - but how?

Pills and ointments will not fulfill your desire for a lasting and clearly visible penis enlargement. However, there are alternatives that have actually proven their worth. On the one hand, you could hope for the miracles of plastic surgery and undergo surgical penis augmentation. However, these are extremely expensive, often costing several thousand euros. In addition, such procedures are also associated with considerable health risks.

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