Living with underdeveloped genitals

Micropenis or microphallus is the term used to describe an underdeveloped, exceptionally small penis that is less than 7 cm/2.7 inches long when erect. The phenomenon is extremely rare, but usually means a lot of suffering for those affected. In some cases, sex life with a micropenis is severely restricted, sometimes not possible at all. In addition, a micropenis often has a negative effect on the psyche: Above all, the men affected feel a sense of shame, do not develop healthy self-confidence and find it difficult to be intimate with another person. Here you can find out more about the causes of a micropenis and what treatments are available. Orthopaedic penis lengthening with PHALLOSAN forte is a helpful option.

Micropenis: diagnosis

Micropenis is defined as hypogenitalism, an underdevelopment of the sexual organs. In men, depending on the form, hypogenitalism manifests itself in childlike-looking, small external genitals and an underdeveloped prostate. In women with hypogenitalism, the ovaries and/or uterus are often not fully developed. Visually, the micropenis resembles a megaclitoris (malformed, greatly enlarged clitoris).

In general, the penis of an adult is considered a microphallus if it does not exceed a length of 7 cm/2.7 inches. However, the diagnosis is at best made directly after birth and is based on the average penile size in the respective age group. If the penis length of a man or boy is 2.5 standard deviations below the average size of his peers, his penis is considered a micropenis.

Until a few years ago, it was common practice to diagnose a micropenis as "intersex syndrome". Doctors surgically reduced the penis of affected babies to a clitoral size. Affected boys underwent sex reassignment surgery and hormone administration with the aim of raising them as girls. Today, this practice is considered unethical as it deprives infants of their right to self-determination and physical integrity.

Causes of a micropenis

There are cases in which no cause for a micropenis can be diagnosed. In the vast majority of cases, there is a hormonal disorder. Prenatal factors play a particularly important role here. If the baby is supplied with too little testosterone in the last trimester of pregnancy, the probability of hypogenitalism increases dramatically. Micropenis also often occurs as a symptom of genetic diseases that disrupt the hormone balance. Boys with a growth hormone disorder are born with a normal-sized penis, but the growth spurt does not occur during puberty.

Options for penis enlargement - therapy for micropenis

If micropenis is detected in early childhood, hormone therapy is the treatment option that promises the best chances of success. The affected boys are administered testosterone as early as infancy. Hormone therapy generally achieves good results, however the symptom of micropenis is rare and clinical studies are correspondingly scarce and the test subject groups limited. If micropenis is treated with hormones in good time, the child has a chance of achieving a penis size that will allow him to have normal sexual intercourse as an adult. However, an almost average penis size is rarely achieved.

There is also the option of various surgical procedures to enlarge the penis. However, the results rarely lead to a satisfactory outcome for the patient. Phalloplasty operations are rarely considered in children.

Natural penis enlargement - is it also possible with a micropenis?

PHALLOSAN forte is a stretch belt system that exerts a slight but continuous weight load on the penis using a vacuum traction. This creates microscopic tears in the erectile tissue, which are filled with new cell material. To exploit the full potential for penis enlargement, PHALLOSAN forte should be worn regularly on the body for several months.

The principle works for any penis size. Natural penis enlargement is therefore also possible with a micropenis. However, the chances of success will depend on your previous medical history. If you underwent successful hormone therapy as a child or are still undergoing hormone therapy, PHALLOSAN forte can help you to achieve additional penis enlargement.

If you have a particularly small penis, the application of PHALLOSAN forte may prove to be problematic. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you feel unsure. Our staff will be happy to advise you - discreetly, competently and with understanding.