Measure penis girth

Measure correctly to compare correctly

In contrast to the measurement of penis length, the suggestions for measuring penis girth found on the internet are far more similar.

Here, no distinction is usually made between the erect and non-erect state. In order to obtain comparable results, measurements are taken in the erect state.

Measuring the girth of the erect penis

The circumference of the penis is measured with a flexible measuring tape. A rigid measuring instrument would be too inaccurate.

The measurement is taken in a fully erect state and the measuring tape should be tight (but not too tight) against the thickest part of the penis shaft. As a rule, this is the area directly above the base of the penis.

The circumference of the penis should not be confused with the diameter of the penis. Since the shaft of the penis usually has a uniform cylindrical shape, the diameter of the penis can be easily determined mathematically.

Penis diameter = penis circumference / PI (=3.14)

This method is usually more precise than an approximate measurement with a ruler or folding rule.