Thick penis

How does the thickness of the penis affect sex?

What makes an attractive penis? Most men will probably answer this question with a sentence containing the word "length". Very few think about the thickness of the penis. Here you can find out how a thick penis is perceived by women in scientific studies. We will also show you a few measures you can take in response to a slightly smaller penis girth - because a thicker penis often means more pleasure for both sexual partners. Read here how PHALLOSAN forte can help you with this and what a thick penis (or a not so thick penis) has to do with pelvic floor training.

What women say: The thickness of the penis is more important than the length - at least a little!

Of course, it is never easy to summarize the opinion of half the world's population. The results of a large-scale study are certainly the most meaningful. Nevertheless, the feedback you get from your female acquaintances could be very different. A 2015 study by the University of California Los Angeles and the University of New Mexico found that women consider a thick penis to be comparatively more attractive than a long penis - although the "penis girth" characteristic is only just in the lead. For the study, women were asked to choose from 33 penis models from the 3D printer which penis they would like to have a one-night stand or a long-term sexual relationship with. They were asked about their preference at several points in time. On average, the women preferred a penis with an erect length of 16 cm and an erect girth of 12.2 cm/4.8 inches. In the repeated selection, they often chose penises that were the same thickness as the first selection - the length did not seem to be so decisive here. The average preference in terms of penis length and thickness is therefore slightly above the global average. This was determined most reliably by a study from 2014: Measurements on over 15000 men worldwide show an average penis length of 13.12 cm/5.16 inches and an average girth of 11.66 cm. Both values reflect the erect state of the penis.

Since the test participants were obviously better at estimating the thickness of the penis when looking at the 3D penis models, it can now be assumed that a thick penis was a little more important to them than a particularly long one. From an anatomical point of view, this makes perfect sense, as a thicker penis generally seems better suited to bringing a woman to vaginal orgasm. This is mainly due to the woman's very sensitive erectile tissue, which is located directly behind the vaginal entrance. This tissue reacts primarily to pressure and friction. A thick penis is more capable of this than a thin one. The chance of a vaginal orgasm increases.

You are "too narrow", she is "too wide"? - What you can both do

The fact that a thicker penis may mean more sexual fulfillment for women and men should not cause you to despair, even if your girth is perhaps slightly below average. If you have already familiarized yourself a little with our website, you may know that PHALLOSAN forte can significantly lengthen your penis if used regularly. This is also confirmed by a clinical study - which also reports another successful experience that many study participants were able to enjoy: After six months of wearing the product, the thickness of the penis increased by an average of 0.8 cm/0.31 inches. The maximum increase in penis circumference was even 2.5 cm/0.98 inches.

However, your partner can also do something to increase the sexual fun factor for both of you: Regular pelvic floor training makes it possible to tighten the vaginal entrance through muscle strength, even over a longer period of time. In addition, the tissue is supplied with more blood and therefore becomes more sensitive. A vaginal orgasm is therefore more within reach for you and can even feel more intense.