Measuring penis length

Measure correctly to compare correctly

There are several methods discussed on the internet on how to measure penis length correctly. However, in order to achieve comparable values, a standardized measurement method is required. Basically, we differentiate between the measurement of penis length in the two stages erect and non-erect.

Measuring the length of the erect penis

For a correct measurement, the penis must be fully erect. In order to have comparable values - for example due to different penis shapes or different curvatures - the convention of measuring the shortest connection from the base of the penis to the tip of the glans applies. The measurement must therefore be taken with a rigid object, usually a folding rule. Measuring with a flexible measuring tape would be too inaccurate and would include curvatures of the penis in the measurement result.

Measuring the length of the non-erect penis

Measuring the penis when it is not erect is somewhat more complicated due to the strong variations in length. If you only want to determine progress as part of a penis enlargement method, it is usually sufficient to take the measurement at identical times of day, i.e. about half an hour after getting up.

If you want to determine comparable values with other people, average values from several measurements must be taken. The penis length should be measured in several different situations - for example

  • directly after getting up
  • after the first meal
  • after a shower
  • after exercise
  • in the evening before going to bed
  • ...

From these measurements - and ideally from the values of several days - an average value should then be calculated (added values divided by the number of values). This figure provides a good and, above all, comparable value for the length of the penis in a flaccid state.