Incurvate penis

When is penile curvature considered a disease?

Do you have a penis that is too bent or crooked? Your impression may be deceptive, because an incurvate penis is completely normal. To put it better: almost every penis has a certain curvature or most penises look a little "crooked". Many men perceive the curvature of the penis as an aesthetic flaw, but it does not usually affect their lives.

However, there are also cases in which an incurvate penis must actually be regarded as a disease - in this case, erectile behavior and sex life are usually negatively affected and men can experience permanent pain. A pathological curvature (or medically: deviation of the penis) is usually synonymous with the diagnosis of induratio penis plastica (IPP), in which a scar-like structure spreads in the erectile tissue, resulting in a crooked penis. You can find out here when an incurvate penis is still considered normal, what the consequences of severe penile curvature are and how modern urology treats IPP.

IPP or a normal curved penis?

It's the same for women as for men: the absolute ideal of beauty is always perfect symmetry, but the human body rarely achieves this. In many women, for example, one breast is slightly larger than the other. And in the vast majority of men, the erection does not stand at a perfectly straight 90-degree angle from the body. A slightly incurvate penis that protrudes slightly up, down, left or right should not worry you any further. As long as the deviation of the penis is so slight that sexual intercourse works without any problems, this is not a case for the urologist.

Men with induration penis plastica, on the other hand, find sex difficult due to their severe penile curvature - if it is still possible at all. In IPP patients, the penis often becomes more curved over many years. This is due to the gradual displacement of erectile tissue by connective tissue-like structures called plaque. The plaque scars over time and causes hardening (see also penis hardening) - and this ultimately leads to a severe curvature of the penis. However, induratio penis plastica not only makes the penis crooked, erections are often extremely painful. This often leads to erectile dysfunction and a reduced libido. Apart from this, the deviation of the penis alone has such an unfavorable angle that penetration into the vagina would be practically impossible.

It is difficult to determine the cause of IPP in individual cases. Doctors differentiate between hereditary and acquired penile deviation. In the first case, the curved penis appears at an early age, but the genetic factors responsible for this have not yet been identified. Otherwise, induratio penis plastica is most likely caused by injury. The patient has suffered a penile rupture or other cavernous body tear in the past, but has refrained from seeing a doctor. As a result, the damage remains untreated and slow scarring occurs. Years later, the curvature of the penis appears.

For more information, see Induratio penis plastica.

Can the penis be straightened? How to straighten an incurvate penis!

There are many approaches to treating IPP in urology, but these are rarely successful. For example, attempts are made to surgically remove the scar tissue. Alternatively, drugs such as cortisone are injected directly into the penis. Despite the enormous pain that patients experience with this form of therapy, the penis is rarely permanently straightened.

Doctors who use vacuum pumps or penis extenders such as PHALLOSAN forte to straighten the penis are pursuing a promising approach. In an empirical study on the effectiveness of PHALLOSAN forte, a test person with IPP was able to straighten his incurvate penis so that after six months he was able to have sexual intercourse again without any problems. Here you can find the print version of a medical publication by doctors who recommend PHALLOSAN forte for the treatment of IPP.

Do you suffer from IPP or another form of penile curvature? Be sure to consult your urologist and talk to him about your chances of recovery through regular use of a medical vacuum pump or penis extender. We will be happy to send your doctor additional information on request.

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