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Fears surrounding the best piece

It is often said that men are simple-minded. But only people who have never owned a penis can say that. Surely every man has had fears or worries about penis size, appearance or the "functionality" of their penis. After all, it is men who have to ensure that women are sexually satisfied. And of course they should always be "able to". Besides, only a big penis is a good penis. If men pay too much attention to such clichés, their penis fears can also develop into serious mental illnesses. A brief summary of the fears men associate with their penis can be found here - and you can also find out when PHALLOSAN forte can help.

Is my penis too small? - Worries about penis size

For most men, concerns about penis size begin as early as puberty. Comparison with peers, for example in the locker room, is inevitable. A mocking comment from classmates about one's own penis size can have a lasting effect on self-concept and rob young men of the pleasure and self-confidence they feel during their first sexual experiences. Those who do not successfully complete this important developmental phase (i.e. with a positive self-image) often continue to struggle with it as adults.

Apart from the comparison with peers, a negative self-concept and a negative body image (especially with regard to one's own penis) is reinforced by other factors:

  • Consumption of pornography: pornographic film and image material is now more readily available than ever - even for teenagers who do not yet have a consolidated self-concept. The direct penis comparison with porn actors who are often above average can have a discouraging effect. Their own penis, which may actually correspond to the average norm, is seen as small and "abnormal". The viewer, on the other hand, perceives the anatomy of the porn actor as "normal". This leads to an
  • unrealistic ideal of male beauty: Young men use other men as role models through media consumption or measure themselves against men who are more attractive than average and do not represent the average in any way. The focus here is also on penis size, as this is also the subject of discussion in the
  • emancipation of female sexuality: it has probably never before been possible for women to talk about their sexual experiences and preferences as openly and publicly as they can today. However, this important and welcome development has a dark side, which is particularly evident on the internet. A man who wants to find out about penis sizes online soon ends up in relevant forums where women share quite discouraging stories. They talk about break-ups due to the size of their partner's penis and throw centimetre measurements around - what is "still ok", what is "not ok". Of course, this does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about who is actually writing, which stories are true and whether this or that post is representative of the opinions of all women. Nevertheless, such experiences can have a lasting effect on young men.

What if I can't? - Erectile dysfunction

If men can't get an erection - whether due to stress or fatigue, worries or alcohol consumption - frustration and worry are inevitable. Fears about "manhood" and the image you present to your partner often begin even if you only experience occasional difficulties during sexual intercourse, even though the man is far from erectile dysfunction in the medical sense (you can find out more about erectile dysfunction here). A clarifying conversation with your partner is unavoidable here. This can help to alleviate the partner's worries that it might be his or her fault. On the other hand, the man will then feel less under pressure.

PHALLOSAN forte enlarges the penis - and self-confidence

One thing is clear: a positive self-concept, a feeling of well-being in one's own body, must always be the top priority. In cases where dissatisfaction with penis size or one's own body has developed into a mental illness, only a psychotherapist can help. In behavioral therapy, for example, patients learn to look at themselves naked in the mirror with more positive feelings.

On the other hand, penis enlargement is an (additional) option for all men who long for more self-confidence. PHALLOSAN forte is a stretch belt system for the penis that has been confirmed in a clinical study and by journalists, doctors and bloggers to have very good chances of success for natural penis enlargement.

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