Short penis due to overweight

"Buried penis" syndrome

Short penis due to obesity

Extreme obesity means major and diverse health risks for those affected. One common physical consequence of obesity in men goes largely unnoticed in the German-speaking scientific community: the so-called "buried penis" syndrome. "Buried penis syndrome" means that the penis appears to increasingly retract into the body until it is barely visible. In fact, it is not the penis that shrinks. The tissue around it gains mass and literally swallows it up. In addition to weight loss measures, surgery is an option for removing the "buried penis" - or the PHALLOSAN forte stretching system. Find out here what consequences the "buried penis" syndrome can have and how you can counteract it.

Retractio Penis & "Buried Penis" - when the best part seems to disappear

If the penis is practically buried by surrounding (fatty) tissue, this is referred to as "buried penis syndrome" or the clinical picture of retractio penis described above. In addition to increased obesity, there are also other factors that can cause an apparent retraction of the male genitalia - for example, paralysis or injuries to the spine or prostate surgery.

However, the feeling of having a retracted penis is often an unfounded panic that can escalate into a psychological disorder. In East and South Asia, there are repeated epidemic outbreaks of Koro, a mental illness in which patients worry about what they believe to be the shrinking of their penis.

However, "buried penis" syndrome is a very real, visible clinical picture. Sometimes even small children or infants suffer from it - in this case, the barely visible penis is usually the result of a poorly performed circumcision. If scars form after the operation, the scar tissue sometimes spreads to the glans and eventually completely surrounds the front part of the penis. In this case, the scar tissue must be surgically removed. However, the number one cause of "buried penis" syndrome in adults remains obesity. In addition to large fat deposits on the abdomen, a fat pad can also form on the pubic mound. The larger the volume of fatty tissue - and the "deeper" it hangs - the more the penis visually loses length. However, the consequences are not only cosmetic.

Overweight: Consequences for sex life and personal hygiene

As with many men who have a penis of below-average length or simply consider their penis to be too small, their self-esteem quickly suffers, as does that of overweight men with a retractile penis. In "buried penis" syndrome, the penis can retract so far into the fatty tissue that it appears to resemble a micro-penis. The complications for sex life are the same. Sexual intercourse can only be practiced to a limited extent. Sometimes penetration even becomes impossible.

Overweight men also find it increasingly difficult to urinate standing up as penile retraction progresses. Even if they sit down to urinate, the urine stream may be blocked or diverted. In addition, personal hygiene is also restricted - although this becomes all the more important with "buried penis" syndrome. The additional tissue that surrounds the penis at all times creates a more moist environment and more friction. As a result, pathogens and fungi can increasingly colonize the genital area. This can lead to diaper dermatitis-like rashes and skin irritations on the penis.

Penis & obesity - how do you treat a "buried penis"?

There are basically two approaches to freeing a penis that has become submerged in fatty tissue: The body fat percentage or the fat apron on the pubic mound must be reduced or the penis must be enlarged or stretched accordingly. There are conservative (i.e. non-surgical) and surgical options for both objectives. As any surgery - especially surgery on or near the genital area - is associated with many risks, your doctor will always recommend the conservative route first.

This usually simply means reducing your weight and adjusting your diet and exercise plan accordingly. However, if weight loss efforts are unsuccessful or if you have a metabolic disorder that cannot be treated with a diet, some of the fat above the penis can be removed by liposuction. There is also the option of surgical penis augmentation, but this is expensive and often leads to a loss of erection quality.

The conservative alternative to surgical penis enlargement: penis extenders such as PHALLOSAN forte. Worn regularly for six months, the PHALLOSAN forte stretch belt induces a clearly visible penis enlargement. When used correctly, this happens painlessly and without side effects. For the fastest possible sense of achievement, we recommend that obese men combine a change in diet with regular use of PHALLOSAN forte. Fortunately, you don't have to change your everyday life at all: PHALLOSAN forte can be worn comfortably at night - or during the day, almost invisibly under your clothes.