Thin penis

Fulfilled sex with a thin penis - this is how it works

A penis that is too thin can sometimes be an obstacle to lovemaking. The partner does not feel enough friction during sex and the partner's penis is hardly stimulated if the vaginal mucosa offers too little contact surface. This quickly leads to frustration and a generally depressed attitude to life - for both sides. Because if she loses passion, he quickly struggles with self-doubt. But a thin penis is half as bad. Find out here which tricks and sex positions you can use to help your partner and yourself have more fun in bed. Good to know: More thickness is definitely possible - without any cosmetic surgery. PHALLSOSAN forte can not only increase the length of your penis, but also its girth.

For a woman's sexual experience, the length of the penis is therefore less important than its thickness or girth. A thin penis simply finds it more difficult to stimulate these erogenous zones than a thick penis.

Thin penis: Why can't she feel me?

It is no more generally true to say that penis length is important to all women than it is to say that they don't care about it at all. However, girth seems to be more important than length. This was the result of a study conducted in the USA in 2015, for example, in which women were asked to choose from various plastic penis models the one they would like to have sex with on a one-off basis or in a long-term partnership. The girth was rated as slightly more important than the length. On average, the circumference favoured by the test subjects was 12.2 cm/4.8 inches and the length 16 cm/6.2 inches.

But why is that? The fact that a penis that is thinner than average does not give some women as much sexual pleasure is partly due to the clitoris - it is larger and somewhat more complex in its structure than most men think. The clitoral glans above the entrance to the vagina is only the visible part of the sexual organ. It is connected to a roughly V-shaped structure of sexually highly erectile tissue that surrounds the area directly behind the vaginal entrance on both sides. A thin penis can exert less pressure on this tissue and cause less friction. The partner experiences penetration with less pleasure and it is more difficult for her to reach orgasm. But: A thin penis does not necessarily mean that you have to have bad sex for the rest of your life. With a little experimentation, patience and mutual understanding, you and your partner can adjust your sexual habits. And: even at a mature age, a thin penis can still gain centimetres. Our PHALLOSAN forte stretching belt system, for example, has been proven to achieve good results in mechanical penis enlargement.

Change positions: These sex positions will give you pleasure even with a thin penis

If you and your partner twist and turn accordingly, sexual intercourse can feel intense for both of you, even with a thin penis. Changing the angle of penetration makes a big difference.

The simplest modification is to approach the missionary position a little differently! If your partner places a pillow under her buttocks before sex or rests her legs on your shoulders, this allows the penis to penetrate deeper.

The doggy style experience can also be intensified: If she distributes her weight on her elbows and closes her legs, her partner will make her vaginal entrance noticeably narrower. This will significantly intensify the sensation for both of you. A variation of this position, the 'sphinx', has a similar effect. This involves your partner lying flat on her stomach.

The spooning position can be much more fun if you and your partner both bend your legs and stretch them forwards. This also makes the vaginal entrance narrower and a thin penis can fill it better.

It would also be worth considering increasing the girth of your penis. Just one centimeter more can be clearly noticeable during sex - and you don't need an operation or dubious or dodgy pills to achieve this.

How PHALLOSAN forte enlarges your penis - and its girth

After just six months of wearing it, test subjects in a study found that their penis girth increased significantly in some cases - and that was only thanks to PHALLOSAN forte. If you wear the stretch belt for a few hours every day, the moderate tensile load causes microscopic tears in your erectile tissue. These are then filled with new cell material. This not only makes your penis longer, but also thicker - and may help you to enjoy a better quality of life.