Big nose, big penis?

Big nose - big penis?

What's the story behind sayings such as "Like a man's nose, so is his John"? Is there any truth in them? Current research into average penis sizes has a clear answer: no, there is no truth in it. Even if the vernacular sometimes speaks the truth, the nose-penis equation does not belong to the category of useful country wisdom. Anyone who has been "be-nosed" for a while can only jokingly claim to be well endowed. Here we dispel a few penis size myths. No myth: The longer the PHALLOSAN forte wearing time, the greater the likelihood of a clearly visible penis enlargement. A larger penis with PHALLOSAN forte - gently and safely.

Like the ratio of a man's index finger to his ring finger...

Nose length and shoe size are among the urban-legendary characteristics of men that are supposedly used to estimate penis length. The emphasis is on "supposedly", as no serious study has yet been able to establish a correlation. So does the correlation between anatomical features and penis length generally belong in the realm of myths? Not quite. A look at the hands of fellow men at least allows an approximate conclusion to be drawn about the respective penis size.

In one study, researchers examined 144 South Koreans who had undergone urological surgery. Under anesthesia, the scientists measured both the flaccid and the flaccid, elongated penis of the test subjects. The length of the index and ring fingers was also measured. The result: the lower the quotient of the index finger and ring finger - i.e. the longer the ring finger compared to the index finger - the higher the probability of having an above-average penis length. In addition to the Korean study, some research also indicates that this index finger/ring finger ratio provides information about the amount of testosterone to which the male embryo was exposed in the womb. The concentration of testosterone is also associated with an increased or decreased susceptibility to prostate cancer and other diseases.

So while the time-honored saying "Like a man's nose, like a man's John" belongs in the graveyard of truisms, it could justifiably be replaced by a variation along the lines of "Like the ratio of a man's index finger to his ring finger". Of course, that doesn't go down so well. But the results of the Korean study will certainly make for an entertaining conversation at the next party. However, the study also has a serious core: through further research and educational work, the scientists hope that one day a urologist's glance at a patient's hands will be enough to quickly identify an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Which ethnic group has the largest?

And what about other clichés? Is it true that Africans have a particularly large penis? The most honest scientific answer at the moment is probably: no idea. So far, there is no significant evidence that one particular ethnic group has a larger penis than another. A measurement of 250 men from Tanzania showed an average erect penis length of 13.12 cm, while another study of 150 South Koreans found an average erect length of 13.42 cm. A study from 2015 concluded that there was no correlation between origin or skin color and penis length.

A meta-study from 2014, in which the data from many previous studies was summarized, determined a worldwide average length of 13.12 cm and an average penis circumference of 11.66 cm (both values erect).

Do you want a bigger penis? - Don't rely on myths

You may be one of the men who fulfill a few of the visual clichés that suggest a large penis. But whether you have a particularly long nose or an above-average shoe size - if you are not completely satisfied with your penis size, this will be little consolation. "Like man's nose, like man's John" may not be entirely true, but your penis size is still not set in stone. By wearing PHALLOSAN forte regularly, you can demonstrably improve your penis size and thickness.

Is a bigger penis better during sex?

There are also many myths about whether a larger penis is a prerequisite for good sex. Here too, studies and especially surveys do not paint a consistent picture. A longer and larger penis is often preferred visually by both women and homosexual men. However, a larger penis can also cause pain or other problems during sex. A larger penis is not of decisive importance for the ability to bring a woman to orgasm. At best, a very thin penis seems to be disadvantageous here. Other factors predominate here.