Free penis enlargement (?)

Free does not always mean free

You can always find offers for free penis enlargement on the Internet - but they usually don't look very promising. Internet offers for free penis enlargement can usually be divided into 3 groups:

The first group: jelqing and massage

At first glance, the offers for jelqing appear to be free of charge - you obviously don't have to buy a product. However, these free offers often conceal subscription traps that are not even free. You have to register on a website and before you know it you are paying for the content offered there - mostly poorly made videos and PDF documents. Above all, what happens to the personal data provided is almost always open. The service operators are usually based in countries that are not within the reach of German jurisdiction. Free penis enlargement is therefore only possible if you are not afraid of the risk of falling for it.

The second group: replicas for penis extenders and penis pumps

In the relevant internet forums, you can find "industrious DIY enthusiasts and inventors" who try to copy commercial products using the simplest means or parts from the DIY store. We would of course advise against such "experiments".

These "products" neither meet the simplest standards nor have they been tested for safety. The compatibility of the materials used is more than questionable and can lead to serious consequences for allergy sufferers. Even the cheapest penis extender from the sex store fulfills at least some important requirements in terms of operational safety and danger to physical health.

This type of free penis enlargement should be avoided in any case.

The third group: Free eBooks about penis enlargement

The same thing that can be said about the first group also applies to the offers for free penis enlargement through self-hypnosis or subconscious mind stimulation that have recently become more and more widespread. Here you are offered "tips" in the form of free eBooks to download - but of course only after disclosing your personal information. The practical benefit of these eBooks can be equated to zero. As long as such offers are not "only" aimed at obtaining personal data, these offers for free penis enlargement are usually just pure advertising material intended to persuade the inclined reader to use other - non-free - offers such as videos, jelqing or pills.

Free penis enlargement - in some cases yes

PHALLOSAN forte has already been reimbursed by health insurance in some cases

However, in the case of certain physical or mental illnesses, it can also work differently. PHALLOSAN forte penis enlargement has already been reimbursed by health insurance companies in Germany in some cases. Talk to your doctor or therapist about this.