Penis enlargement surgery

Benefits, costs and risks of penis enlargement surgery

Anyone who believes they have a small penis struggles with self-doubt, only enters into intimate relationships with anxiety and generally does not experience a fulfilling sex life due to fear of failure. It is therefore only understandable that many men seek information about penis enlargement methods (technically known as penis augmentation). The possibility of undergoing phallosplastic surgery - i.e. surgical penis enlargement - seems just as understandable and obvious. Nowadays, the procedure is often performed on an outpatient basis and there are countless cosmetic surgeons and urology clinics offering penis surgery. However, there are a number of risks associated with such procedures that should not be dismissed out of hand and there are usually enormous costs involved. Here you can find out what you can realistically achieve with penis enlargement surgery and what the risks are. You should not forget this: There are worthwhile and proven alternatives to penis enlargement through surgery - for example, penis enlargement through mechanical stretching.

How does penis enlargement surgery work?

Nowadays, surgeons do not normally use implants for penis enlargement surgery. Instead, the aim of phalloplastic cosmetic surgery is to bring the part of the penis that is inside the body to the outside. To do this, the "support" of the penis on the pelvis is cut. An incision through the retaining ligament allows the doctor to pull the penis further out of the body, so to speak. This usually results in an extension of less than four centimetres. The quality of the erection suffers. A clearly visible scar usually remains.

In another type of penis lengthening surgery, only an optical enlargement is achieved: the surgeons suction fat from the pubic mound so that the part of the penis trapped in the skin and fatty tissue becomes visible. This procedure is particularly useful for very overweight people who suffer from the so-called "buried penis" syndrome. However, a penis "buried" by fat can also be treated conservatively, i.e. with non-surgical forms of therapy. You can find out more about the penis and obesity here.

However, men are now not only concerned about the length of their penis, but also its girth. Pop culture, media coverage and the internet have also spread an insight into female sexuality, according to which girth is more important for a woman's sexual sensation than length. In fact, penis thickening surgery is also easily possible nowadays. Fat is usually removed from the patient's thigh and injected into the erectile tissue of the penis. The procedure can even be performed on an outpatient basis - but is very expensive.

What can you expect from penis enlargement surgery? - Advantages and disadvantages of penis enlargement

Cosmetic surgery has not been frowned upon for years - and it is no longer the domain of celebrities or women. Since intimate shaving is all the rage and pornography in particular is making direct observation of the external genitals increasingly the focus of eroticism, both women and men are concerned about the aesthetics of their genitals. Men are of course mainly interested in penis enlargement and thickening surgery - but is it really worth it?

At first glance, there are certainly some advantages to penis enlargement surgery:

  • The quick feasibility: some penis enlargement procedures, but especially penis thickening, can be performed in an outpatient surgery.
  • Medical progress: Surgeons promise much more satisfactory results than, for example, 20 years ago.
  • Rapid penis growth of two to four centimetres.

However, there are also many risks involved. The disadvantages and risks of plastic surgery to enlarge the penis include

  • Every operation carries the risk of complications. For example, the risk of infection cannot be completely ruled out, nor can erectile dysfunction caused by the operation.
  • Doubtful chances of success: No reputable doctor can guarantee in advance what length increase you can expect. This depends not only on the skill of the surgeon, but also on many individual factors. A penis enlargement of four centimetres should be regarded as an absolute exception.
  • The result often does not meet expectations: In most cases, the increase in length is much less than the patient expected or was promised. The appearance of the penis may change.
  • The quality of the erection is reduced: The erection angle decreases, sometimes by up to 20 degrees.
  • The procedure mainly affects the length of the flaccid penis. The effect on the erection is minor.
  • Plastic surgery is expensive. As the end result is unpredictable and penis enlargement is usually limited to a few centimetres, you should carefully consider whether the investment is really worth it.

Alternatives to penis augmentation through surgery

Penis surgery certainly delivers one thing: quick results. However, it is almost impossible to estimate what these will look like beforehand. Measured against this, the costs are exorbitant. A more cost-effective method of penis enlargement - with a very good chance of success - is orthopaedic lengthening with the PHALLOSAN stretching belt system. Penis enlargement by four centimetres (1.6 inches) is not just a dream, as a clinical study has shown. You can find out more about how PHALLOSAN forte works here.