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Study results After
3 months
6 months
Flaccid size increase 1,38" (3,5cm) 1,93" (4,9cm)
Erect size increase 1,5" (3,8cm) 1,89" (4,8cm)
Girth increase 0,55" (1,4cm) 0,98" (2,5cm)
Source: Clinical study PHALLOSAN
Author: Dr. Clemens Tilke

All results shown are permanent and can be increased if you wear PHALLOSAN forte longer then 6 months. Possible results of the application can differ from individual to individual and can thus not be guaranteed.

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PHALLOSAN forte - a proven system for natural penis enlargement, penis extension and straightening

Mechanical penis increase in size and extension: painless, discrete, reliable

We are pleased that you have taken note of PHALLOSAN forte, worldwide the only vacuum protector system for mechanical penis extension. Probably you have been searching far and wide for the possibility of a penis extension or size increase. No wonder, as the media and especially the internet provide numerous, often questionable means and methods of increasing penis size. Most of them prove quickly to be empty promises or even attempts at fraud. Dubious websites sell ineffective tables, doctors praise expensive cosmetic surgery with questionable results. PHALLOSAN forte in contrast is the complete opposite: The astonishing effectiveness of the vacuum stretch belt has not only been clinically tested but neither does the function entail any medical risks. You simply wear PHALLOSAN forte for a few months in your day-to-day life, hidden under clothing or while sleeping. No medication, no OP is required: The continual, slowly gradable stretching of the penis reliably leads to an extension and increase in size. PHALLOSAN forte is promoted by a manufacturer with long years of experience. We have researched systems for the natural extension of the penis for over 18 years. Our product development is in continual dialogue with our customers in this regard. Apropos dialogue: Our competent team of consultants is available for questions regarding functionality or application and easily reachable by email. Naturally we observe the greatest possible discretion - in the consultation, the process of ordering, through to the payment and delivery. Inform yourself in your own time on the function and the effectiveness assessed in studies on our PHALLOSAN forte system.

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Should you wish to obtain a more positive self-esteem through a penis extension and enlargement, then PHALLOSAN forte assists you - quickly and reliably.

How does PHALLOSAN forte function - and why is it used?

PHALLOSAN forte is an orthopedic device for the sustainable extension and enlargement of the penis. It is used as a medical device as well as for the prevention or reduction of erectile dysfunction such as during therapy after a prostate OP. Doctors use PHALLOSAN forte also in the treatment of penis deviation (penis curvature) and reported on the successful straightening of the penis in professional publications. The PHALLOSAN forte system has since then already been used many hundreds of times as an alternative to surgery for curvature of the penis - with positive results. Although technically ingenious and proven scientifically PHALLOSAN forte in essence functions according to an ancient principle: the gentle but continual stretching extends the penis. Primitive peoples have applied this process over a long period of time. There are tribes in Africa who extend the neck, the lips, the ear lobes or the penis by stretching the tissues. The constant tension causes microscopic fissures in the tissue in question similar to those of aching muscles. The body fills the fissures with new material - new cells - in the healing process. This initiates the growth process. PHALLOSAN forte over a period of several months has a similar effect, assisting you in gaining a larger, straight penis and even a harder erection. The process always remains completely under control, comfortable and safe. Firmly and comfortably bedded in a vacuum cover you place your penis in a stretching belt system which you are able to wear every day without any misgivings. The system pulls your penis with a low resistance to the right or left (the stretching belt may be worn in the direction of your choice). You set the tension strength individually. An artful colour system on the belt is a helpful indication: Green indicates low tension, yellow is medium and red a rather high level. A total of up to 3 kg of tension is possible. PHALLOSAN forte may be worn for eight or more hours per day without any misgivings. The regularity of use is the decisive factor for the extent of your success - as clinical studies confirm. Have a look at phallosan.co.uk and convince yourself of the high effectiveness of our PHALLOSAN forte system. We are available at any time by email should you have any questions.



The new PHALLOSAN plus+

Teamwork works better - and good things can be made even better. Our PHALLOSAN plus+ has been completely revised and, of course, comes with a lot of new innovations. Click here to go to the new PHALLOSAN plus+.

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New Video FAQ section online

PHALLOSAN forte is quick and easy to use - if you know exactly how to do it. In our new Video FAQ section you will now find many short films on the most common application problems with PHALLOSAN forte. Just take a look!
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Free shipping for PHALLOSAN forte worldwide

PHALLOSAN forte and the PHALLOSAN combination (PHALLOSAN forte & PHALLOSAN plus+) are shipped worldwide free of charge. Please note that in some countries outside the USA or the European Union customs duties may apply. On our order pages you will find further information on this (without guarantee of topicality). In case of doubt, please contact your customs authority.

NEW: PHALLOSAN plus+ for more freedom and even more pulling power

PHALLOSAN is now available as an extension device. This not only provides more pulling power but also allows PHALLOSAN to be worn more comfortably during the night by those who sleep on their side or their stomach. PHALLOSAN plus+ is now available as an accessory for all PHALLOSAN forte customers or as a powerful duo in a combination set.
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PHALLOSAN forte at a glance

  • PHALLOSAN forte acts gently and effectively
  • No side effects, provided the instructions for use are observed
  • PHALLOSAN forte remains invisible from the outside
  • May be worn to the left or right in the groin
  • Can be worn for long periods due to the protector cap of ultra-soft silicone
  • Can be worn overnight without a problem
  • After only a few days, wearing PHALLOSAN forte is barely noticeable
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • Integral suction pump and tension gauge
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Allergen-free materials
  • Absolute discretion and free consulting

According to what principle does PHALLOSAN forte enlarge the length and girth of the penis?
How long does it take before a penis enlargement is clearly recognizable and measurable?
For what applications is the PHALLOSAN forte therapy suitable?
PHALLOSAN forte penis enlargement was endorsed in many media reports.

The Phallosan method developed by us has been patented. It is based on the simple concept of atraumatic stretching of the penis and the spongy bodies within it. With longer application it will produce a lasting increase not only in the length, but also in the girth of the penis.

PHALLOSAN penis enlargement is a medical product and carries the CE symbol. According to the directives of the European health authorities it is a Class 1 medical product and conforms to the EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC. It also satisfies Standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1.

The use of PHALLOSAN forte is at your own risk. For side-effects, precautions & recommendations please read this page.

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Payment methods

Delivery period (approx. 2 working days)

The 3 facts of penis enlargement:

1. Safety:
All materials should be tested to be anti allergic and are not able to cause any damages. Important: no sharp edges and no latex as it can cause allergies and or injuries. Any extender working with a loop can cause strangulation and therefore to congestion, which can lead to an emergency surgery.

2. Comfort:
Any extender you choose should be comfortable and must never hurt, as a product which hurts will not be used by anyone and is a waste of money. If you are not able to wear a extender for longer then 6 hours a day it is a waste of time if you want to achieve a real enlargement.

3. Tested:
For every man the penis is one of the most important parts of his body! This is why it is important that the extender you choose should posess a clinical trial as otherwise the risk is too high to damage your favorite part and ruin your future sex live!

What can definitely not enlarge the penis:

A penis pump can cause damage of cells and injure your spongy bodies of the penis as the vacuum is at some pumps too strong. A pump is used for erectile dysfunction only - it can not enlarge your penis permanently!

Penis pills are the epitome of lying and fraud! The best explanation why no pill can increase your penis in the world is easy to explain: If there is a pill that encourages your cellular structure and makes it grow it must be prescribed by a doctor. And if there should be a pill that can create new cell material in a specific area of the body, then you could develop a reverse pill which stops any cellular growth of a tumor and many lives with it could be saved. The ingredients of these pills are nothing else than dietary supplements!

We help you to achieve your desires:

Download the clinical Study of PHALLOSAN forte and see the results: Clinical study

Order PHALLOSAN forte now!

Should you wish to obtain a more positive self-esteem through a penis extension and enlargement, then PHALLOSAN forte assists you - quickly and reliably.