Side effects and precautions

Side effects, precautions & recommendations.

The use of PHALLOSAN forte is at the user's own risk, but is safe if the operating instructions are followed. harmless.

Traction strength

PHALLOSAN forte is painless to use. This makes it easy to set the tension on the belt too high, but this is not necessary, as success is achieved primarily through the time and continuous duration of use, rather than the tension, but the penis should not be pulled too hard, especially in the first few weeks of use. Get the tissue used to PHALLOSAN forte and initially only adjust the belt to a slight tension.

The protector cap

Always use the enclosed protector cap for the glans. Like a support stocking, this protector cap exerts a slight pressure on the surface of the skin and thus reliably prevents side effects such as swelling of the glans if the tension is set too high.

Redness cannot occur when using the protector cap supplied. Slight swelling of the glans only occurs with extremely strong pulls (from about 3 kg), but this disappears after a few minutes. If necessary, massage the glans a little to reduce the swelling more quickly.


When the protector cap is not in use, we recommend lowering the tension to counteract possible redness. If reddening occurs despite this, the cause could be excessive tension on the orthopaedic stretch belt, which creates an increased vacuum via the suction cup. As the skin surface is not protected by the recommended protector cap, this sucks in the skin. In the worst case, this can lead to small water blisters, which heal completely after two days of treatment with a wound and healing ointment.

Be sure to take a break until the swelling or blisters have disappeared. Then adjust the tension a little more gently.

Once again: Always use the enclosed protector cap to reliably avoid negative side effects!

Please be patient. The success of the penis enlargement procedure is comparable to that of braces for jaw regulation.
The continuity of the stretching, not just the strength of the pull, is the guarantee of success!

Compatibility & materials

All PHALLOSAN forte parts manufactured by us are allergen-tested and suitable for use with PHALLOSAN forte. We do not use any materials containing latex, as these can cause serious allergies in the short term. The stretch belt is formaldehyde-free and all metal parts are nickel-free.

Quality management & certification

The manufacturer, Swiss Cupping AG, is a certified company according to ISO9001:2008 and 13485:2003.

PHALLOSAN has been manufactured for over 20 years. During this time, there have never been any symptoms or risks beyond the side effects described above if the instructions for use are not followed. PHALLOSAN forte is now also paid for by various health insurance companies on a doctor's prescription. Pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland stock PHALLOSAN forte.

Changes & care instructions

Further information and care instructions for your PHALLOSAN forte can also be found in the instructions for use in our download area.