References & Press on PHALLOSAN® forte penis enlargement

References & Press

TV report from "Brisant" on PHALLOSAN® forte and the results of the clinical study

The "Brisant" show reported on the success of PHALLOSAN® forte and the excellent results of the study. Here you can read the complete report in which an enthusiastic user attests to its effectiveness.

Phallosan Forte Review: My Personal Experience (amateur video)

PHALLOSAN® penis enlargement in 'MÄNNER' magazine 05/11

'Men's Health' magazine
"Wir bringen Sie gross raus"

Comparison of different penis stretching methods.
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PHALLOSAN® penis enlargement in 'MÄNNER' magazine 05/11

PHALLOSAN® in 'MÄNNER' magazine (Bruno Gmünder Verlag) - "Because size matters"

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PHALLOSAN® penis enlargement in 'Men's Health' 06/2009.

PHALLOSAN® in Men's Health - "Better in Bed"
"Longer penis without surgery"

Men's Health referred to PHALLOSAN® as the classic penis extender. Contrary to all other systems named, we did not hear a single critical remark.

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Featured on german tv station VOX


PHALLOSAN® was featured in "Wa(h)re Liebe", a popular show on the subject of sex on Germany's VOX television. Before the camera the test subject attested to the unbelievable wearing comfort of PHALLOSAN®. After a while he even forgot that he was wearing it and felt no pressure or similar sensation. In the interview he told viewers that prior to the show he had tried out the belt and that there was no tell-tale bulge beneath his jeans.  

Test results of stretching devices in 'Men's Health'.

Men's Health magazine also tested various penis stretching devices

Only PHALLOSAN® was recommended by a urologist. In his opinion it was the only successful procedure.

No hard materials, no inflexible and stiff mechanisms, no slings, no rigid rod assembly, no telescopic contraptions.

PHALLOSAN® is soft, painless and proven to be effective.


Men's Health Online
"Pills for penis enlargements?"

The question of a User to the Men's Health Team is clearly answered: No! Only mechanical stretching devices, such as PHALLOSAN® forte will result in lasting results.
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Men's Health' Magazine
"Chose the right technique"

In this article, comparing penis lengthening devices, the gentle pull of  PHALLOSAN® forte's vacuum technique is focused on (see red frame in the picture).
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Press reports

Report in german newspaper BILD.


PHALLOSAN® was successfully tested in a clinical study. BILD-Zeitung could not fail to notice that. Read the article written by BILD on this study.

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PHALLOSAN® in 'Medical Tribune' 02/2005.

Medical Tribune

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Medical Practise Urology Nephrology 05/2003.

Medical Practise Urology Nephrology

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PHALLOSAN® in 'Men's Health Bulletin' 11/2002.

Men's Health (Bulletin)

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PHALLOSAN® in 'TV Apotheke' 07/2003.

TV Apotheke

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