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Questions and answers on penis enlargement and therapy.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Questions and answers on penis enlargement and therapy

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What is the principle on which PHALLOSAN forte is founded?

The functional principle of PHALLOSAN forte is virtually a sensation in our western civilisation, although in actual fact it has been practiced by primitive peoples for many centuries. When stretched, the penis becomes larger. By applying weights over a number of years, the Karamogong tribe of northern Uganda and the so-called Holy Sadhus in India have achieved penis enlargements of up to 45 cm.

The special vacuum action and permanent, painless stretching stimulate the formation of new cells over the entire penis. The penis becomes longer overall and also thicker.

Is it really shipped in neutral packaging?

The product is shipped under plain cover. On the outside there are no graphics or words that suggest the nature of the content. Not even the invoice contains any reference to the product. The shipment will bear the description "Health device".


Unless you expressly wish, you will never receive unsolicited advertising mail or unwanted communications from us. Your data will never be passed on or sold. We can vouch for that. Numerous satisfied customers can confirm the trust placed in us for many years.

Does drug consumption have an influence on penis size?

"If young men in puberty take heroin, their penis will cease to grow. It remains at the size of a boy's. Heroin exerts such stress on the body that the development of sexual organs is arrested. These men will suffer for the rest of their lives under the effects of a small penis." (Dr von Soer, psychologist, former narcotics commissioner in Hamburg). "PHALLOSAN is the first device that can help".


Is PHALLOSAN forte worn to one side only?

The direction of pull should be changed every two days.

If I have an erection while wearing PHALLOSAN forte, will it be painful?

If an erection occurs, a slight pressure will be felt on the head of the penis. No pain will occur, as the special sleeve will expand slightly.

Must I take the device off to urinate?

For hygienic reasons we recommend removing device for urination.

What happens if a PHALLOSAN forte component is defective?

PHALLOSAN forte provides a 24-month warranty on all parts with the exception of the stretch sleeve.

Is the belt washable?

PHALLOSAN can be washed at 30° C (hand wash). All parts that come into contact with the skin have been tested for contaminants according to EcoTex/100. The foam rubber pad and textile belt, secured by means of a Velcro fastener, have been tested by TÜV. The stretch sleeve is TÜV, CE approved. It consists of purest, protein-free latex, thus reducing the risk of an allergy to a minimum.

Can anyone use PHALLOSAN forte for treatment?

PHALLOSAN forte can be used without any prior medical knowledge. The instructions for use are very detailed with an abundance of photographs. We also maintain a hotline at +356-21-470276. So far we have always been able to provide the needed advice to our customers.

Are there tests to establish the effectiveness of PHALLOSAN forte?

The amended version of the German Medical Products Advertising Act prevents us from presenting these press reports of proven effectiveness of a product and clinical studies. We greatly regret this, as the consumer now has no way of distinguishing between products on the basis of clinical studies.


We will be pleased to send your physician various publications on the effectiveness of PHALLOSAN forte.

Are there any risks or side-effects connected with the use of PHALLOSAN forte?

PHALLOSAN forte is worn at the user's risk, but it is perfectly safe, provided careful attention is paid to the instructions for use. PHALLOSAN forte should not be used in the case of infection or open wounds on the penis.


Nor should PHALLOSAN forte be used in the following cases: after alcohol consumption, or after consumption of drugs and painkillers, sleeping pills and sedatives, as they may affect natural sensitivity to pain if the belt slips while the wearer is asleep.

What happens if I want to wear jeans or other tight pants?

PHALLOSAN is not visible beneath jeans or tight pants, although there may be an outline, indicating a large penis. The belt is only noticeable if worn beneath swimming trunks.

Can I wear PHALLOSAN forte at night?

According to the latest tests PHALLOSAN forte can be worn when sleeping. If natural erections may occur several times at night the sleeve will stretch to accommodate them. Blood circulation is not impeded.

Is there a difference between the use of PHALLOSAN forte and a vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump is used for erectile dysfunction. It was not developed for continuous stretching of the penis. The manufacturers therefore recommend limiting daily wear to 20-30 minutes.

PHALLOSAN forte is not noticeable when worn beneath the clothing for up to eight hours a day. Nor will its effectiveness be reduced if you have a desk job. PHALLOSAN forte is effective for the duration of the application. A direct relationship between the period of use and growth has been scientifically proven.

If vacuum pumps are used for longer than recommended by the manufacturer there is a risk of thrombosis (blood clot) in the penis due to excess negative pressure. Usually, the latter can only be removed by surgery.

Does the penis have to have a minimum size in a flaccid state?

PHALLOSAN is suitable for any penis size. The resulting micro-vacuum will also securely hold a small penis or a penis with a less prominent head without any pain caused by pressure.

Many customers who were dissatisfied with penis stretching apparatuses using only loops have confirmed that the head of the penis kept slipping out of the holding loop and intense pain was experienced due to the pressure of the loop.

As the length of the penis is increased, will it become thinner?

Due to the special vacuum method and permanent formation of new cells, the penis increases not only in length, but also in girth. At the outset the vacuum will make itself felt in the form of a tingling sensation, but this will disappear after a few days.

Is the principle known in the medical world?

Yes. We know that the formation of new tissue (e.g. calluses) is stimulated when body parts are subjected to stress (tension, pressure). Modern medicine uses this reparative mechanism for skin transplants, in which the skin tissue is temporarily stretched to provide skin flaps for transplantation. Leg extension is a procedure that has been familiar to orthopedic circles for more than 20 years. Following surgical transsection of the bone, the leg is subjected to systematic controlled stretching. The procedure employs a threaded system with which the leg is extended millimeter by millimeter. Not only does this stimulate the creation of new bone cells, it also generates connective and muscle tissue without damaging the nerves and blood vessels. By this procedure the length can be increased by several centimeters.

Can the use of PHALLOSAN forte influence an erection?

PHALLOSAN forte strongly stimulates the head of the penis (glans), causing it to become more sensitive. Many customers have attested to a more sensuous erection.

Are the results permanent?

From a wearing time of 6 months and above the results are permanent. Below this limit there a retraction may be observed.

How often must PHALLOSAN forte be worn?

PHALLOSAN forte should be worn for at least 6-8 hours every day. Longer wearing times will lead to faster success. Many customers wear PHALLOSAN forte for up to 12 hours a day with brief pauses without experiencing any inconvenience or pain.

By how many inches can a penis be lengthened with PHALLOSAN forte?

Penis lengths of up to 17.7 inches have been measured in males of the Karamojong and Nuba tribes of Central Africa after years of stretching ("Stern" magazine Issue No. 49 dated 30 November 1995). With PHALLOSAN forte the penis can be lengthened by 0.8-1.2 inches in only a few months.

When you are uncircumcised, should you pull the foreskin back when applying the protector cap?

In this case it only depends on how you feel more comfortable. Most customers and patients leave it like it is and apply the protector cap above the glans area and foreskin!

Should you have further questions or suggestions, our experts will be pleased to help you by telephone at any time.