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Erectile dysfunction: Prevention is possible

Erectile dysfunction

When the body or the spirit no longer cooperate

Men are always able to, or so the cliché says, and when the man is not now and again, then something is drastically wrong. When nervous, fear of failure or other worries sometimes upset your plans and the erection remains elusive, that does not necessarily mean general impotency. A serious problem remains in any case. Information on the most frequent cause of impotency and how PHALLOSAN forte is able to help you overcome erectile dysfunction is available here.

Cause and diagnosis of an erectile dysfunction

Doctors initially diagnose erectile dysfunction should an erection regularly fail over a period of about six months or at least not be sustainable sufficiently long enough for sexual intercourse.

Should you be confronted with erectile dysfunction, then it is strongly advised you visit a urologist. Erectile dysfunctions are frequently caused by physical or medical conditions that should be clarified without delay in order to exclude a more serious health risk. The urologist establishes whether the problem is psychological or of a physical nature. The urologist determines which medication is taken which might lead to erectile dysfunction (e.g. anti depressives), establishes whether there are prior family medical conditions and conducts an ultrasonic examination or blood test if necessary. If necessary erections occurring at night are also measured. Should the body be able to cause an erection in sleep, then the probability is higher that a psychological problem is the cause when awake. A combination of different medical expertise may be necessary depending on the diagnosis, should for example an internist or a psychotherapist be included.

In some cases the source of erectile dysfunction is in the mind. As the erection mechanism is often not just a reaction by a sympathetic nervous system but the brain cortex being involved (simply said the source of human experience), then a number of psychological disturbances or fears affect the ability to have an erection. Frequently psychological causes of an erectile dysfunction are fears of sexual failure, stress or depression. In most cases the erectile dysfunction is caused by physical reasons, for example high blood pressure, hormone interference, arteriosclerosis or other vascular conditions. Frequently it is also an ancillary symptom for a serious injury to the spinal marrow or for diabetes mellitus.

Erectile dysfunction: Many treatment options

Not to be excluded is also a complex interaction of psychological and physical causes. Even when a physical cause for your erectile dysfunction has been diagnosed it is often worth obtaining additional consultation by a therapist.

Generally the probability of suffering from erectile dysfunction increases markedly with age. About 20 % of the over 64 age group are affected. Overall the number of men in the population with erectile dysfunction is increasing, not the least due to the rising life expectancy. A group especially at risk are men with heavy alcohol consumption and smokers. Arteriosclerosis and the associated heart and circulatory disorders frequently have a negative effect on having an erection. Whoever wishes to take early precautions against erectile dysfunction should analyse their lifestyle. Regular sport, a balanced diet and dispensing with tobacco and alcohol make erectile dysfunction - besides many other medical conditions - less likely.

A therapy for erectile dysfunction or the treatment of minor erection disorder not corresponding to a medical condition is to consider regularly wearing PHALLOSAN forte. PHALLOSAN forte for instance promotes improved blood circulation through its vacuum tension in the glans area. In addition many testers report in a study of a much harder erection, higher sensitivity of the penis and increased libido as positive side effects of the PHALLOSAN forte stretch system. Should you worry that you are not able to sufficiently sexually satisfy your partner, then it probably also affects the erection ability. Should that be the case then PHALLOSAN forte provides you with renewed self-confidence as it ensures an increase in the length and the circumference of the penis.

PHALLOSAN forte is also used in an ancillary therapy or for the prevention of erectile dysfunction relating to diabetes or paraplegia.

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