Penis enlargement in a natural way

Penis enlargement

Over half of men are dissatisfied with the size of their best piece: they think their penis is too small. In most cases, however, this is unfounded, as almost all men are sufficiently endowed. The desire to optimise oneself is the trend of the moment. We eat consciously, do sport to be in shape. Everything to feel good in our own skin.

So why not do the same for our best piece?

Penis enlargement and enhancement
Over 20 years of experience

Comfortably and gently enlarge the penis

It is easy to use and the focus is on wearing comfort. The system is easy to put on: The protector cap, made of ultra-soft silicone to protect the glans from swelling and redness, is placed over the glans. The penis is inserted into the suction cup and the suction pump pulls the glans further into the cup. The strap around the hips allows the penis to be stretched using a foam ring and a tension fork. A traffic light system indicates the optimum tension setting for your individual penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement and extension

The patented belt system is completely invisible even under tight jeans and special work clothing. You can enlarge your penis unnoticed and inconspicuously at work, in your free time or at night. As blood circulation is not impaired even during a possible erection, you can wear PHALLOSAN forte flexibly - even while you sleep. Freedom from pain is guaranteed at all times.

PHALLOSAN forte has helped many men gain more self-confidence and a more fulfilling sex life. The experiences of our customers are authentic proof of the positive effect of PHALLOSAN forte.

Convince yourself of the unique and patented vacuum protector system of PHALLOSAN forte for a comfortable and effective penis enlargement.

Quality is the top priority - after all, it's about your best piece. All parts that come into contact with the skin are tested for harmful substances in accordance with Ökotex/100. The choice of materials has also minimised the risk of allergies.

Best of all, all parts except the cuff condom and protector cap come with a full two-year guarantee. What's more, you can order spare parts and accessories conveniently online via our shop.

Order now, discreetly online and experience comfortable and gentle penis enlargement for yourself.

Result* After 3 months* After 6 months*
Length increase at rest 3,5cm (1,38") 4,9cm (1,93")
Length increase erect 3,8cm (1,5") 4,8cm (1,89")
Increase circum­ference 2,5cm (0,98") 2,5cm (0,98")

* The results are peak values. The penis enlargement or enlargement is permanent. A longer period of use can potentially achieve even better results. In addition to the regularity and duration of use of PHALLOSAN forte, the individual facilities also play a role. Accordingly, the results vary from user to user and cannot be guaranteed.

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