Induratio Penis Plastica

IPP: another cause of penile curvature

Induratio penis plastica (IPP) or Peyronie's disease affects the connective tissue of the penis and is a serious form of penile deviation. There are currently no established treatment concepts, but some andrologists are relying on non-surgical approaches such as penis extenders like PHALLOSAN forte, which have shown promising therapeutic success.

The causes and symptoms of Peyronie's disease are not yet fully understood by medicine. IPP leads to plaque formation and scar tissue in the penis, which displaces healthy connective tissue. This results in localized hardening, curvature of the penis and constriction during erections. The cause of the scarring is often unclear, as most IPP patients cannot remember any specific injury. Minor injuries in the connective tissue are suspected, while genetic factors may play a role, but are not the only cause. IPP usually only occurs at an advanced age and around 5 percent of 40 to 60-year-olds suffer from it.

The severity of IPP is reflected in the curvature of the penis, which varies from person to person and depends on the stage of the disease. In rare cases, the penile deviation reaches 90 degrees. Patients complain of pain during erection, regressive sexual sensitivity and an inability to have sexual intercourse. Erectile pain can lead to impotence and loss of libido. The psychological consequences can be reduced self-esteem, problems in the relationship and possible depressive phases.

Therapy options and prospects of success with IPP

There are no comprehensive studies on the success of individual therapies for IPP, as the causes are still unclear.

Drug treatment with potassium paraaminobenzoate shows inconsistent results in the studies and its effectiveness has not been clearly proven.

Injecting drugs such as cortisone directly into the affected tissue is painful and not very promising.

Radiotherapy and metabolic therapies have little chance of curing the disease, although the latter have at least reduced the pain.

Surgery aims to remove or thin the scar tissue, but is associated with considerable risks. The complication rate is between ten and twenty percent, with possible side effects including erectile dysfunction, shortened erection length and return or enlargement of scar tissue. The level of pain after surgery can even increase.

Treatment of induratio penis plastica with penis extenders

There are now several studies that give hope for good to very good therapeutic success when IPP is treated with penis extenders or vacuum pumps. In 2010, doctors from University College London Hospital treated a group of 31 test subjects with induratio penis plastica with a penis vacuum pump for 12 weeks. The result: 21 out of 31 test subjects were able to achieve partial straightening of their penis.

In the meantime, urologists have successfully used the penis extender PHALLOSAN forte to treat IPP in hundreds of cases. You can find a case study from a medical journal here.

PHALLOSAN forte can also help you regain your lost self-esteem in the case of IPP.

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