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PHALLOSAN forte stimulates regeneration of the entire erectile tissue.

Postoperative treatment after prostate surgery

Prostate surgery post-op treatment

Experts agree that it is vital to train the cavernous body just a few weeks after the surgery to prevent loss of its sexual function, the ability to achieve an erection.


When after the surgery vital nerves and capillaries are at least partially retained, it can take weeks or months until a spontaneous erection occurs. Without this recurring circulation stimulus though, the flexible tissue of the cavernous body of the penis is in danger of transforming into non-elastic connective tissue. The result: the penis can only become erect with great difficulties and the patient can possibly only be sexually active with erectile aids. Hence, post-op care is paramount.


So far, no standardized therapy has been established for the treatment of the loss of sexual function after a prostate surgery. Yet, an increase in regular circulation aids in preventing loss of function.

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