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Comparison with other stretching devices

Comparison with other stretchers

When deciding on a penis stretcher you should give some thought to the following:

Two systems with widely differing design are available worldwide:

  • Penis enlargement devices with telescopic rods that exert tension on the penis by means of a loop behind the glans. These are so-called telescopic stretchers and are marketed by various manufacturers under different names. 
  • Penis lengthening devices that exert tension on the penis with an elastic belt worn around the waist. A distinction must be made between two penis attachment methods: by means of a loop behind the glans () or with a vacuum sleeve that distributes the suction pressure evenly over the penis (PHALLOSAN forte).

Looking through the Internet you may have encountered a wide range of different devices. You are now probably uncertain which device is the best for you in terms of effectiveness and value for money.


Before you decide, please take into account the following factors:

  • A penis lengthening device should not be painful to use, otherwise you will not use it.
  • A penis lengthening device must be discreetly worn beneath your clothing. Just imagine someone asked you: "What's that funny thing you're wearing under your pants?" You would never use the device again...

If you carefully consider these two criteria, it will not be difficult to decide on the right device. You will no longer be influenced by the self-praise of the manufacturers who want you to believe that their inflexible mechanisms can be worn invisibly beneath the clothing.