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Subjective penis hypoplasia

Subjective penis hypoplasia

Irrespective of profession, educational level or social class, there are men who subjectively perceive their member to be too short or too small, be it in an erect or flaccid state. The number of unreported cases makes the size of the group difficult to estimate, but it certainly cannot be ignored. On repeated occasions, shame or fear of mockery causes men to consult therapists - even through newspaper advertisements - who usually recommend and/or perform expensive surgery. Technically speaking, this surgery (transsection of the ligamentum suspensorium and extension of the skin in the penoventral angle by Z-suture) is not difficult. Hence the fee demanded - sometimes as much as 5,000 to 8,000 euro - is excessive.

From an aesthetic point of view the results are often questionable. In a post-operative state the erect penis points downwards and the increase in length is minimal. To increase its size, subcutaneous fat is often injected under the penis skin.

The result of the surgery is sometimes being discussed in a court of law - often, recourse is taken a against the surgeon. Protagonists have therefore started to do a so-called penis stretching through ligature after the surgery. In our opinion, only this will result in a permanent lengthening of the penis.

According to our experience, which we have collected over several years, the patient can achieve a permanent lengthening, as well as an increase in size - erect as well as non-erect- in just a few months without surgery and at noticeably smaller cost with PHALLOSAN forte. Of course, we agree, that a patient who "struggles with a small penis" should see an experienced sexual therapist first. But, if even though the patient is being treated, the patient suffers psychologically the patient can be offered treatment with PHALLOSAN forte, a harmless and affordable method when applied correctly. Additionally, all other treatment options can still be carried out in the future.