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A man's penis is considered a micropenis, when it is smaller than 2.5cm.

Micropenis / Mikropenis

Penis size of less than 2.5cm

A micropenis (mikropenis, also called microphallus), refers to a unusually small penis, a special type of underdeveloped male sexual organ. In an adult male, a penis is considered a micropenis when it is smaller than 2,5cm. This is the deciding feature between a "small penis" (in relation to the average penis size) and a "considered to be a small penis" (personal attitude of the man).

Common causes for the development of a micropenis

  • A malfunction of the testicles hinders an adequate production of testosterone, inhibiting normal penis development, resulting in a micropenis
  • genetic receptor defect hinders the adequate absorption of testosterone from the testicles, resulting in a micropenis
  • disruption of hormone production, resulting in malfunctioning of the testicles and testosterone production
  • Exogenic influences, such as dioxin poisoning

Treatment for a Micropenis

While a micropenis used to be fully surgically removed, it is now possible to stimulate growth with hormone therapy and achieve a penis length adequate for sexual activity.

The so called phalloplasty offers surgical treatment options of a micropenis.