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For men, a large penis is often associated with strength, capability and power.

Men and their penis

Symbol for power, sexual strength and capability - reason for suffering and problems

Most men would describe their penis as below average, even if it is in fact average. In our society, the size of a man's penis correlates to power, sexual capability and strength. Men who do not feel like they live up to expectations often have issues. Along with what we are exposed to and presented on TV and online, this can lead to psychological problems.

Men and their penis during puberty

It is especially hard on a man, when this self-assessments first happens during puberty. Comparing oneself with other boys of the same age can be cause of low self esteem. Severe psychotic episodes can take place, if on top of low self esteem disappointing sexual experiences take place during puberty. In adulthood, only men with very strong characters can handle the arising issues without therapeutic help.

Important information

Penis enlargement - no matter what type - is not an adequate replacement for therapy when the patient suffers from severe psychological scars, caused by the longing for a larger penis. The physiological treatment is only supplementary to the psychological treatment.