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The penis must be fully erect for a correct measurement.

Measuring penis length

Taking a correct measurement to be able to have a comparison

Online, different methods as to how measure penis length are being discussed, yet a uniform method is necessary to be able to compare measurements. Generally, we distinguish between two methods: erect and non-erect. The penis must be fully erect for a correct measurement. To have comparable data - which can be skewed due to curvature of the penis or difference in shape - the following methods should be followed: measuring the penis from the root of the penis (at the stomach) to the tip of the glans. A stiff ruler must be used. Using a flexible measuring device would skew the reading, since the curvature would be taken into consideration.

Measuring the length of the non erect penis

Measuring the non erect penis is more complicated, due to the shift in position. If you want to measure successive results, as part of a pens lengthening treatment, it is recommended to always measure at the same time of day, for example half an hour after getting up.

If you want to compare measurements with others, you must come up with an average e from several measurements. It is recommended to measure the penis during several situations, such as:


  • right after rising in the morningafter the first meal
  • after a shower
  • after exercising
  • before going to be
  • ...

From these measurements - ideally from several days - calculate an average (add values divided by number of values). This results in a comparable value for non erect penis length.