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Sometimes an incurvate penis can pose a real issue.

Incurvate Penis

The normal curvature of the penis

An incurvate penis often bothers the patient aesthetically. Generally, no penis is truly straight. That is the exception. No matter which way the penis curves, if it is non-pathologic, the patient has no disadvantage from the curvature. Yet, if there is an extreme curvature, or even a "bend" in the penis; besides the psychological and social issues that a arise, the patient has issues with his sexuality. Dependent on the severity of the curvature, it can interfere with sexual function, make certain sexual positions impossible or fully prevent the patient from performing at all.

When is the curvature considered to be pathologic ?

Curvatures to the left or right, up to 30 degrees are considered benign. A true incurvate penis has a higher degree of curvature.

An incurvate penis should not be confused with the angle, which the erect penis takes on. Keep in mind; rarely any penis has a 90 degree angle to the body. Additionally, with increased age of the patient, the respective ligaments loosen up, resulting in a decreased angle.