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Truths and half-truths concerning large penises

Large nose - large penis

Truths and studies concerning penis size and penis length                      

It is often said, that other body parts give an indication of a man's penis size. Even though many of these well-known fold wisdoms have resulted from century long observations, rarely any hold up to statistical analysis. A large penis remains an individual trait and is independent of the characteristics of other body parts.

A large penis - a case study

In a nutshell: to date, there has been no reliable study that has been able to show a correlation between large hands and a large penis or a long nose and an especially long penis. Neither has a correlation between the well-known "show size" and penis length ever been reliably proven. Hence "Big Foot" does not necessarily have a "Big Penis". This fold-wisdom can also not be reversed: a large penis does not indicate large feet.

A large penis - a cultural study

Culturally, it is a different story. A long penis is automatically attributed to African men; a large penis is attributed to southern more than central European man. Studies have shown differences in men of different descents, between a large or a long penis, yet normal variations occur within the groups.