PHALLOSAN® App (Android/iOS)
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App develops a personal training plan for your success.
PHALLOSAN® forte video
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  • Applicable for any size
  • Integrated suction pump
  • Allergen-free materials
  • Absolute discretion
  • Patented: EP 1023013 B1
  • 4 free sleeve condoms in each package
         (1x S, 2x M, 1x L)
  • Calibrated pull system
         Traction force from 0,88lb to 6,61lb
  • Comfortable to wear
         Wear beneath the clothing or/and
         at night during sleep
  • Integrated suction bell
         No need to carry an extra suction bell
  • Allergen-free materials
         No latex/no hard materials
The glans always has enough room to
expand and grow, due to the different
bell sizes. The bells are made of
allergen free material and are
The sleeve-condom is made of medical
grade silicone. Skin can respond with
severe allergies after continued exposure
to latex. Hence, silicone is used for the
manufacturing which is proven to be
  • Plain packaging
         (no indication of the nature of the product)
  • No intended purpose is shown on
         the remittance order
Penis enlargement /
penis enhancement
There are many reasons for
wanting a larger penis and
just as many methods
to achieve it.

Incurvate penis
Up until now this type of
curvature has always been
corrected by surgery, with
the consequence that the
member was shortened by up
to 3-5 cm.

Erectile dysfunction
As a positive side effect in the
use of PHALLOSAN® forte in
some cases reports have been
received of an improved
quality of erection and
enhanced sensitivity of the glans.

Prostate surgery
Experts consider it essential to
start "training" the erectile
tissue within a few weeks of
surgery. Without regular
oxygenation the tissue
converts to inelastic tissue.

Penis enlargement, enhancement and penis straightening (Peyronie's Disease - IPP) - Postsurgical treatment after prostate surgery

Welcome to the PHALLOSAN® forte penis extender

We have more than 14 years of experience in the production and application of systems for penis enlargement and penis straightening. Years of research and the evaluation of thousands of customer responses have helped us to develop an improved PHALLOSAN® forte penis extender.


PHALLOSAN® fakes on ebay and Amazon

Your health is important to us. This is why we urgently have to inform you that PHALLOSAN® fakes are flooding the market at the moment. This especially concerns platforms like eBay, Amazon and some dealers.
PHALLOSAN® is patented and is only allowed to be produced by us.

The PHALLOSAN® forte App

Finally we released our PHALLOSAN® forte App for your smartphone or tablet computer. Better results in less time with your personal companion to our successful product. Get the app now for Android and iOS devices.

PHALLOSAN® forte at a glance

PHALLOSAN® forte is a painless application that can be worn continuously for up to 12 hours, i.e. even at night
PHALLOSAN® forte works on the principle of a stretch belt worn comfortably and invisibly beneath the clothing.
PHALLOSAN® forte also enlarges the head of the penis (glans), as the tension acts on the tip of the glans.
According to what principle does PHALLOSAN® forte enlarge the length and girth of the penis?
How long does it take before a penis enlargement is clearly recognizable and measurable?
For what applications is the PHALLOSAN® forte therapy suitable?
PHALLOSAN® forte penis enlargement was endorsed in many media reports.

The Phallosan method developed by us has been patented. It is based on the simple concept of atraumatic stretching of the penis and the spongy bodies within it. With longer application it will produce a lasting increase not only in the length, but also in the girth of the penis.

PHALLOSAN® penis enlargement is a medical product and carries the CE symbol. According to the directives of the European health authorities it is a Class 1 medical product and conforms to the EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC. It also satisfies Standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1.

The use of PHALLOSAN® forte is at your own risk. For side-effects, precautions & recommendations please read this page.

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