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Induratio penis plastica - IPP.

Induratio penis plastica (IPP)

PHALLOSAN forte - Therapy for 
					Induratio penis plastica (IPP).

Quote: L. Weißbach, E. A. Boedefeld, T. Widmann, Vorwort zum Berichtsband des IPP-Symposium 1984, Urologische Universitätsklinik Bonn-Venusberg, M. Brimberg, Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Aachen, (1985).

“It has been almost 250 years since the first description of induratio penis plastica (IPP) and there are still speculations on etiology. To date, a causal treatment of this ailment is not in sight. Until the development of a symptom classification, the assessment of success of a treatment was mostly subjective.”

This still hold true for the year 2002. Today we still have no scientific explanation for spiral-shaped calluses in der tunica albuginea. In some individuals an uncontrolled formation of plaques occurs with a deviation of the penis that may make erection or penetration painful or prevent it altogether.

Attempts at conservative therapy, be it with medication, soft x-rays, electromechanical shock waves or the penetration of iontophoretic agents (administration of medication via an electrical field) have – if at all – had only a symptomatic and passing effect.

A last resort, these plaques can be surgically corrected by excision and the resulting defects concealed by alloplastic or allogenic material, or the body’s own tissue. It can be assumed that this will remain the only possible treatment for severe cases in the immediate future. In a high percentage of cases the excision depending on the size of the plaques removed unfortunately causes a restriction or complete loss of erection, that can often only be compensated for by the implantation of a penis prosthesis.

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